Thursday, November 19, 2009

Messy, Stinky, Me

I've reached rock bottom at my house. Well, rock bottom for now. I bet it can go lower. My house literally stinks because I haven't cleaned it in so stinking (pun? no pun?) long. Sunday it was clean. Because Saturday is my big cleaning day. Then I just have to tidy here and there. It's just me and Ken so it usually doesn't get out of hand.
The kitchen smells. Sunday the dishwasher was turned on and that's as far as that's gone this week. There are dirty dishes from 3 nights festering in the sink because I hate unloading the dishwasher. The garbage hasn't been taken out and it reeks. It's also overflowing way beyond the normal borders of a frozen-pizza box tucked in the side because it doesn't fit. The pizza box is filled with garbage, the other disposable boxes are filled with garbage, it's too full to push down anymore.
The bathroom smells. We're out of clean towels because they've been left on the floor and now they stink. The toilet stinks. It hasn't been cleaned.... in... a while. My hair is everywhere in there. And little piles of worn clothes are tucked into every visible corner.
The bedroom smells. The hamper is full. The pile around the hamper has reached the height of the hamper and dirty clothes just stink.
The livingroom smells. It smells like Rusty. Which to me isn't a smell the living room should stink like. I haven't vaccuumed and his hair has coated the carpet. And I haven't washed his blankets. I've noticed he's not laying on them. Maybe they are too stinky for even him! It smells old and dusty like no one has been in there for years.
I don't know how the house got this messy. That's a fairly incredulous thing to say. I do know how the house got that messy. I think I've just been extra lazy. Extra non-helpful. Extra nonchalant. Extra belligerent to the facts.
It was pretty nice.
To do nothing.
Up to today.
When I don't even want to step foot in that messy house because I think it might get that gag reflux up and going.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Twilight Review

Apparently I hate everything about Twilight except the movie. (I even watched the deleted scenes and thought they were crummy. One whole sentence that just HAD to be cut. A nd a little blurb from the director... don't like her.... like her work.) I thought the movie was quite good. I went in knowing how terrible the book is and how this is a teeny-weeny-bopper movie and I was well pleased with what I saw.
I borrowed the movie from Emily, who highly recommended it. When I was reading the book I never got that much suspense, passion, feeling, action out of it. The book was boooorrrring. Bella smells good. Edward is hot. La dee da. But somehow, someone read that book and pictured that movie. The spin on the smell of Bella was more evident in the movie. He smelled her blood! I never got that as loudly and clearly as I did in the movie. I thought she just had nice dryer sheets or something. And, do I even need to say, that her obsession in his good looks is completely sane. He's attractive. Through and through. I liked his anger. His frustrations with her. (As I do still find her annoying.) I still don't get why they became so infatuated with each other but the movie rolled along at a good pace and made me forget to think about that.
I liked the baseball scene a lot. Mostly because I wish I could hit the ball that hard. I've never been a good batter.
And then when Bella and Edward are in the woods and it's all being revealed that he is a vampire and he says that he doesn't know what she is thinking.... pushes her against that rock... and tells her she has to tell him. I loved that part!
She gives a dumb answer... it's in her nature.
Edward steals the show. I enjoyed all of Edward's family. Especially Dr. Cullen and Esme. They are really wonderful "parents."
Bottom line: I think Edward made the movie.

So, I'm going to read New Moon. Just so I don't feel guilty watching the movie without reading the book.

And this doesn't mean I like Twilight more than Harry Potter.
Because I don't.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last night I was heading out to Albertson's at about 8:30. Ken was going to be home from school in a half hour or so and I was supposed to do dinner. And when I "do dinner" it's frozen pizza and a bad of salad. So, I'm going to get my ingredients. I pick everything up (have you noticed how EXPENSIVE frozen pizza is now?!) And I see the red box of RedBox. I think, "I have been dying to see Twilight." I absolutely hated the book but I've heard the movie is better. It would almost guaranteed have to be better than that book. So I go over to the RedBox and Twilight is a choice. I add it to my cart and then think, "Ken won't want to watch Twilight. I should get something we both would want to watch." So I browse through all the titles. Netflix spoils us because we've seen so many stinking movies... but I see The Soloist (which was a pretty good book) and swap it with Twilight.

After our incredibly nutritional meal I tell Ken I also got a movie! Talk about a great wife. "Oh, I have homework. I can't watch anything tonight." *sigh* I should have got stinking old Twilight. I put in The Soloist and fell asleep during the first 20 minutes. I dreamt of Edward Cullen. Who I am still dying to meet. My new goal is to be more selfish while picking out movies.