Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bring On The Champagne

I would like to ask you to, please, hold your applause until the end.

First off, I had my yard sale this weekend.  Ken referred to it as the Red Neck Extravaganza.  It was a little white trash for his liking I suppose.  That is until it was all over and we were sitting around counting our piles of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.  (You know... the rich uncle from Ducktales?)  My mom and Ken's parents donated tons of items to increase the size of the sale and therefore the bounty.  And, my dearies, it was bountious.  So a very special public thank you to our parents.  And a regular special thank you to our friends, our neighbors (who pre-shopped the sale for days ahead of time), the crazy early bird dickering yard salers of Idaho Falls, and the Mexicans who make this country run.... we made enough to buy over 1,000 junior bacon cheeseburgers.
Ka.  Ching! Ching!  Ching!  Ching!  Ching!  Ching!  Ching!

Second.  We are moving on Saturday, the 20th.  I can't add anymore to that glorious sentence.  We've been a part for over a year and it's time.  Amen.

Third.  Remember when I said I submitted some work to be published?  Well...... IT HAPPENED!!  Both pieces I have submitted are going to be published in a book coming out in a couple months.  And... Yes, I will sign your copy.  I'm going to go out and buy a special pen just for that purpose and practice my fancy loopy celebrity signature.  And daydream about when me and Jo...that would be JK as in JK Rowling to you.. can sit in peace and chat about our successes and poke fun of Stephanie Meyers.  *sigh*  This is the big leagues.

Fourth and finally, tomorrow I turn 27.  I enter my late twenties.  I am very excited to be 27.  It sounds mature and experienced and suave.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Haven't You?

Enter Andi Girl's Give Away, will you?
It's a GIVE away.... meaning free.... as in no cost.  So to break it down:  If you had $10 in your wallet you could essentially go enter this giveaway, still have $10 in your wallet, AND be that much closer to winning!
She's amazingly gifted.
And it's fun for her.
And it'll help build her talents.
And she'll knock your socks off.

Come on.  I know you want to. 
Don't let me down homies.
Click here.
Enter there.
Be happy.

Isn't she pretty?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alive and Well

Have I told you we're moving?
Or having a huge yard sale?
Or celebrating my entrance into the late twenties of my life?
Or raising a baby?
Or moving?

Yeah.  All those a happening.  And my leetle blog has plummeted to the bottom of my priority list.  My blog stats have followed suit.  *frowny face*  But I think of you guys everyday.  I wonder how Wallene is enjoying summer break and if Ru and Spence are getting enough quality time together.  Or if he is potty trained yet.  I think about all the Poulsen's and figure they are having one family reunion or party after the other.  And Chris and Court in Georgia... are you guys ok?  I think of my sisters everyday and KNOW they are thriving.  It's in their blood.  I think about Rory the Scot and wonder if his hand is better and what the heck happened to it anyway?  I think of my old youth leaders and their families and all the summer fun they are planning.  I think of my neighbors whose blogs I read and how much I'm going to miss them in person. Even if I don't see them that much now.
I think of you blog world people.  A lot.
You are all in my thoughts (and sometimes my prayers).
Keep me in yours these next few weeks.

We'll be back to normal in no time.