Friday, February 26, 2010

It's A....


Ken and I are so excited. We both had parental instincts that it was a boy- but the reassurance felt good. Courtney, babe, kudos for holding out. You are stronger than I.
(This is me 2 weeks ago. You get bigger everyday with these babies.)

Our ultrasound went great. She said he is healthy as can be. Strong heart- good bone structure- and a porker to boot! She said he weighs a pound already! After we did some research we found a lot of babies at 20 weeks weigh 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound. Our little guy is one full pound. That makes me feel good. I admit I had concerns with the medication I was taking for the tumor that he'd be small or frail or something would be wrong. But, nope! He's a Chubby McButter Butt.
The ultrasound technician moved our due date up to July 9th (from the 17th... 8 whole days! Go, Patty! Go, Patty!) and said he is still a big baby! Yippee!
He is breached. Or facing the wrong way right now- but with all the moving he does all the time I've got a feeling he is finding his way to the proper position.
I've been feeling his little quivers and slides since February 4th. Last night Ken felt him kick for the first time and man, you should have seen my honey's face light up. Now, of course, I've got Ken glued to my stomach and I can't do dishes or anything because Ken just wants to lay there and wait for the giblet to move. It's quite adorable.

So- tonight for date night- we are heading out to scour boy stuff. Oh so fun!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gender Games

I am officially 19 weeks and 3 days. Tomorrow I'll be 19 weeks and 4 days. (Mental Math is a real specialty of mine.) Tomorrow is our official "20 week" appointment for LBP. LBP is what we call the gremlin. It stands for Little Baby Poulsen. Soon, as soon as tomorrow, we will know if LBP is a kitten or a puppy. My sister, Victoria, refers to baby girls as kittens and baby boys as puppies. Ken and I both think we are having a puppy. We agree we would be just as happy with a kitten. As long as it is actually a baby and not an animal. I don't need another Rusty in my life.
So- here's the 411 on finding out the gender. The entire world knows that you can find out at 20 weeks. Really at 18 and I've heard as early as 16. So at our last appointment which was 16 weeks the good doctor said we would be scheduled for a regular appointment with her to do the regular pee in a cup, count up the pounds I've gained, and check to make sure I'm still the super mom we all know I am. In addition to that they would schedule an "out of house" ultrasound to look for any visual birth defects or symptoms of downs. 2 things bug me about this. 1. Why out of house? They doctor's office has all the equipment needed to see through my skin and look at the baby. It's not a big secret either. I've had two ultrasounds there already. Anyha- they want you to go to a ultrasound technician. Ok. No big whoop. The 2nd thing that bugs me is this baby is my baby no matter what. If the baby comes out green with sharp little devil teeth- it'll still be my baby. (Though I might name her Elphie if such were the case.) I just want to go to figure out if it's a boy or girl. Period. I understand the doctors want to know the rest- I'll appease them. On top of scheduling out of house the PA tells me that the doctor wants me to see a specialist who only comes up from Salt Lake once a week. I'm required to do this because I'm a high risk pregnancy. News to me! Apparently my brain tumor has reared it's ugly head once again. I know, we all forgot he was in there- didn't we? Instead of the normal technician looking for 20 things the specialist will be looking for about 100 different things. While, I, the mom, the patient, the payer of your house and fancy car- Doc.- just want to know if it's a boy or a girl. I cave. Salt Lake Tech it is.
So- we end our 16 week appointment and go out to the front desk to schedule our next one. The sweet, overly-bubbly, never impregnated, incredibly young receptionist books our appointment with my regular doctor. I ask her about the specialist and she assures me that she will call tomorrow because the offices in Salt Lake are closed for the day. No biggie. Tomorrow comes. And goes. The next tomorrow comes. And goes. Tomorrows come and go for about 2 weeks. And nobody calls me. After an internal battle I feel it is within my rights to call and see when my appointment is. Wouldn't you know it- couldn't you have guessed they forgot to book it? But- "Don't worry Mrs. Poulsen- we'll get that done for you today." I give them my work number and they surprise me and call back. My appointment is booked for March 15. March 15?! Yeah. A whole 3 weeks after my 20 week appointment. Maybe 3 weeks doesn't sound like a long time to you. Does 21 days sound any longer? It does to me! I thank them for booking it- though I am unhappy. And go home to sulk to Ken. He is less than sympathetic. He claims the baby's gender is not going to change in 21 days. True, true. But none the less- if it's not changing why can't I know now?
After a couple days passed- I called the office again. This was last Friday. I spoke with the same receptionist. Something about her makes me want to call her Jenny. Is it her annoying fake smile? Her reassurance that she is doing everything she can. I never believe that line. I reminded her of who I was and asked if there was anyway my Dr. could do a gender check as part of my appointment tomorrow. Her reply: "Um...NoooOOooo." Yeah. That's right. She gave my the exaggerated-roller coaster no. She offered to book me an appointment at Rosemark for an ultrasound. It sounded like a decent out. Something sooner than March 15th. I told her I'd take it. After a few clicks of the keyboard she responded, "I can get you in March 26th." No thanks, sister.
It seems like all my avenues have been blocked. But I'm hell-bent on figuring out what this baby is. And I am figuring it out tomorrow! Somehow. I'm just that determined. I think I'll start by begging my doctor. If she says- she can get me in to see at a hospital in Miami, Florida tomorrow- I am packing my bags and heading to the banana belt. There's nothing like a warm summer sun in the middle of February.
Given this information today- and knowing that I like to share information rather quickly- this is your chance to cast your vote.

Pink or Blue?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Who We Be

There are times in my life when I think "Who do I want to be?" Sometimes it lasts a moment and sometimes it's months where I am trying to figure out what should come next. Years ago I was talking to my mom and I said, "I guess I need to figure out who I want to be." She said, "First you need to find out who you are." Deep, huh? But so so stinking true. It can be the hardest thing to do. To actually look at yourself and say, "This is who I am. This is what I like. This is what I don't like." But once you do- it's easier to share that with other people. Easier to stand up for what you believe in. Easier to say "No, I don't like spicy brown mustard."

I was talking with a girl I work with and she commented on how interesting a life I have lead. Really? Me? Interesting? Naaaah. But I got to thinking about it that night and she was right. I have had an interesting life. And my favorite parts of my life are the parts where I was confident in who I am/was/am. So, to help you and me know who I am I present the following:

1. I don't believe in the phrase "The ball is in their court." What ball? What court? It's your life you should be running it. Not waiting for someone else to call the shots.

2. I lived in Germany for 5 months and proved to myself that I could do anything, ANYTHING, on my own. That still applies even though I am living in Idaho.

3. I really hate bugs. All kinds. All sizes. I run.

4. I have 4 really great friends... and I don't need any more.

5. I get more upset when someone offends a family member or a friend than when they offend me. And I've got moxi, babe!

6. I love it when people call me. But, I am not good at talking on the phone. I often talk at the same time as you. I prefer face to face conversation.

7. Anytime I go to Taco Bell or Wendy's I get a #6. They are different. But I've always found it interesting. The 6. What's the connection.

8. I recently starting hanging up on solicitors. I really like doing it.

9. I do yoga everyday- even though most of the time it's the PM Yoga that prepares your body for rest. But I call it exercise anyway.

10. I never use or buy into the excuse "I don't have time." Yes you do.

11. Honeycomb is my favorite cereal.

12. I've never worn my pajamas into a store. I think that should be outlawed. Even if it's Saturday. Even if it's 11:00 at night. Put some real clothes on. You'll feel better. And you won't have such a sour look on your face. Of course people are looking at you. What did you expect? You are in your pajamas.

13. I could watch Pride and Prejudice every day of my life.

14. Any time Ken asks me what I want to eat my first thought is "Peanut M&Ms and Coke." I think they make a great combo.

15. I'm a big believer in rewarding yourself. For just about anything. Going to work on a Monday? Take yourself out to lunch! Took the extra time to straighten your hair really well? Put on a killer outfit! You deserve it!

16. I talk to myself. Mostly motivational.

Don't you feel more connected? I feel more connected to myself. Do something today to connect to yourself.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Brokedown Palace

It all started with the furnace. I thought that was plague enough. And it was broken. As in needed replaced. As in crack open that piggy bank Ms. Patty. Boo hiss.
24 hours after the new furnace was installed our toilet in our downstairs bathroom cracked. Like in half. Like someone took a sludge hammer and hit it. It flooded the bathroom and half the laundry room. Lucky for us, we caught it before it ruined our new furnace. Ken has shut off the water to it and we're back to sharing a bathroom. I don't feel like paying $100 to have the luxury of two working toilets in our home.
A couple days later I decide to be a goody-good-girl and vacuum. I plug 'er in and turn it on but it doesn't come on. I try a different outlet. Nothing. The vacuum is kaput. Off to Sears with Ken (after a firm reprimanding... it's my fault the sweeper doesn't work anymore, you know that, right?). We score a new vacuum that is really wonderful- but I hate it because it costs money.
Finally, this last Saturday we are coming home from being out with my family and I grab the clicker to open the garage and nothing. The garage opens about a foot and them slams back down. There goes the garage door opener.
What the heck is going on?
Seriously, I am just waiting for the locusts.