Thursday, November 19, 2009

Messy, Stinky, Me

I've reached rock bottom at my house. Well, rock bottom for now. I bet it can go lower. My house literally stinks because I haven't cleaned it in so stinking (pun? no pun?) long. Sunday it was clean. Because Saturday is my big cleaning day. Then I just have to tidy here and there. It's just me and Ken so it usually doesn't get out of hand.
The kitchen smells. Sunday the dishwasher was turned on and that's as far as that's gone this week. There are dirty dishes from 3 nights festering in the sink because I hate unloading the dishwasher. The garbage hasn't been taken out and it reeks. It's also overflowing way beyond the normal borders of a frozen-pizza box tucked in the side because it doesn't fit. The pizza box is filled with garbage, the other disposable boxes are filled with garbage, it's too full to push down anymore.
The bathroom smells. We're out of clean towels because they've been left on the floor and now they stink. The toilet stinks. It hasn't been cleaned.... in... a while. My hair is everywhere in there. And little piles of worn clothes are tucked into every visible corner.
The bedroom smells. The hamper is full. The pile around the hamper has reached the height of the hamper and dirty clothes just stink.
The livingroom smells. It smells like Rusty. Which to me isn't a smell the living room should stink like. I haven't vaccuumed and his hair has coated the carpet. And I haven't washed his blankets. I've noticed he's not laying on them. Maybe they are too stinky for even him! It smells old and dusty like no one has been in there for years.
I don't know how the house got this messy. That's a fairly incredulous thing to say. I do know how the house got that messy. I think I've just been extra lazy. Extra non-helpful. Extra nonchalant. Extra belligerent to the facts.
It was pretty nice.
To do nothing.
Up to today.
When I don't even want to step foot in that messy house because I think it might get that gag reflux up and going.


Poulsen Family said...

Are you sure you didn't just describe my house, minus the whole dog part?

I too let things "build up" and then finally I break down and clean. I once considered myself organized and orderly . . .

Karlenn said...

Honey, I know what you're talking about. Story of my life. I used to have the cleanest house. I have this thing I call the "ick factor" - when something is so very gross that I just have to drop everything else and scrub the heck out of it. Maybe your ick factor will kick in soon. I would offer to clean your house, but my own house is disgusting. I should start here.

Brett and Tiffany said...

Tell Kenny you are having an at-home date night...turn some music on that you can dance (jam) to and clean while you go! It will be FUN! :) It will feel so nice when you are done!

johnandjana said...

Sometimes we just have to have those kind of weeks. Do nothing, sit around, leave the dishes, the garbage, you name it. The only bad thing is that we eventually have to clean it all up. Good luck! I think Ken can help a lot though. John is really good to help me when it gets that bad.