Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nursing Bras.

A bra is intended to support a woman's body. To lift and separate. To add cleavage and self-esteem. My mom says that you don't need to diet. You just need to go tanning and get a new bra. That's the power a bra should possess. It should make you feel like more of a woman. It should add pep to your step and your confidence.
For these reasons I don't believe a nursing bra should be classified as a bra. It offers no support. It is basically like wearing a T-shirt that you can unfold. Lame-y. And is it just me or do you need the biggest boost of all after you bear a child? Sure you have a chest unlike any you've ever had but when you finally get the opportunity to dress up and go out- you put on your "bra" and it's Sag City! They hang down to your flabby belly button!
Now, I have given the old nursing bra a try. More than one. But yesterday was the last of it. Ken and I were taking Kole-son on a walk and Ken looks over and says, "You could put on a bra when we leave the house."

Yeah. I was wearing the trusty nursing bra. Apparently you can't tell.


Brett and Tiffany said...

Oh, the joys!

johnandjana said...

Wait until you go out with one boob bigger than the other because your baby just nursed on one side and the other boob is gorging with milk. Oh the fun!!!!

Karlenn said...

That is hilarious that Ken thought you weren't wearing a bra!! I have teeny weeny boobs, so I've never had the sagging issues. I adored my nighttime nursing bras. I wore them all the time. Sooo comfy. I'm a lucky girl. I like having little Girls. And, um, where were you yesterday???

PoulsenPlayground said...

I feel your pain! I have tried on at least 25 different nursing bras, not one supports. I just wear the bras I bought with my first kid, now I am on #4. I can't find them in my size anymore. Stinks big time!! Makes me not want to go anywhere!

vicks27 said...

This had me laughing out loud. And I still pass on mom's "diet": Buy a new bra, go tanning, get your nails done, whiten your teeth.