Monday, August 12, 2013

A Fundamental Code

"[Their] instant liking for each other had been rooted in their mutual recognition that the other was a woman like herself....  They shared a fundamental code, and were therefore secure in each other's company in a way that they were not with other women."
-A Casual Vacancy, J.K. Rowling

I've just experienced this in my life.

It doesn't matter that you like chocolate and candy in your icecream and she prefers fruit.
It doesn't matter that you're 4 or 9 or 13 years younger.
It doesn't matter that you never exercise and she runs marathons. (And halfs.)(And 5ks.)

It doesn't matter that you recommend book after book and she doesn't read.  Ever.
It doesn't matter that you root for opposing teams in sports, politics, and Twilight.
It doesn't matter that you don't like any of her favorite TV shows.
It doesn't matter that your kids are different ages and genders.
It doesn't matter that you love the smell of cigarettes and she is appalled by them.
It doesn't matter that your house is smaller, your car is older, and your bank account is tinier.

It doesn't matter.

She is like me.
And realizing that means I'm like her...(sigh) made my heart explode.


Tatiana said...

Delightful read, my dear. I loved our birthday lunch. You are the cat's pajamas.

Tatiana said...
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vicks27 said...

Who is your kindred spirit, my dear?

Kar said...

I love this. Looove. And I love that you read the Casual Vacancy. I adored that book. (And maybe you did too? If so, that would make #2 on list of books we BOTH like. Hahaha!!!) So many people I know were like, "Eww, there was swearing. So I put it away." But that book for me was like a really meaty, gritty, short story. Beautiful in its sadness and reality. I don't know if that makes sense. Beauty is truth, truth is beauty.

Juli said...

I love this post, even those it's not about me. :)

And now I must go back and pick up on Casual Vacancy where I left off...