Monday, May 18, 2009

The Call-Back

Dr. L.'s office called me back! Only, what, 6 days after the original missed? Only it wasn't the doctor it was a nurse who seemed to be reading notes to me. I am focusing on the positive in this situation... so. My prolactin levels are back to normal! Yay! I know you are dying to but please don't ask what that means for my tumor because my nurse didn't know but she was sure to leave a message for the doctor. All I know is the doctor believed high prolactin levels could have caused the tumor. So with them back to normal I can only assume I am going back to normal. Which I will be looking forward to because this medicine I am taking is loaded with testosterone. And it's having some seriously strange side effects. Like, I think I am growing a mustache. Seriously! Don't laugh.
I am Italian, so have more facial hair than some women. My eyebrows have always grown straight up to my hair line. But I wax and trim. And what not. I normally do the 'stache wax every 6 months and it's nothing too bad. I had it waxed a month ago and it is back and dark and thick and Ken says I look like a little boy trying to grow some facial hair. Testosterone.
I rented Mamma Mia! this weekend and never got into it! I know!! A musical that I didn't get into. I love musicals. I love cheesy movies. And I think my medicine is ruining it for me. Testosterone.
And, finally, my sex-drive is through the roof! Testosterone.


Poulsen Family said...

My problem is I have too much estrogen, so I think I could use some of that medication you're on (especially for my "drive").

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your prolactin is back to normal!! I hope everything will keep going well!! Sometimes I think I need a bit of that testosterone!! Lucky for Ken on the last part!:) LOL

Karlenn said...

Hahahaha!!! Maybe I should take some testosterone. Seriously... Anyways, I'm so, so glad your prolactin levels are normal! So does this mean you get to stop the horrible drugs?? My sister is a nurse, and she steals those little razor thingeys that they use to shave peach fuzz off people for surgery. And she gives me one every now and then. I use that to shave my moustache. It's awesome. I need a new one soon. I'm going to ask her to bring one out to me when she comes in June. Do you want her to steal one for you, too??? She actually shaves her entire face with those things. She is anti-peach fuzz. Weird, huh?

johnandjana said...

I'm so glad that your levels are better, and hopefully you can get off the drugs and be totally back to normal. We missed you at the jewelry party. Hopefully you are feeling better with the cold.

Lyner said...

I have not seen Mama Mia and honestly I have no desire but Lacie thinks I should see it. I am really glad your levels are normal!