Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have been waiting for my doctor to call me back for for 21 days. Yeah. Sickening, huh? I've called and called and called and have been dealt with by one crabby nurse after another. None of which have given me any answers!
To recap, I got blood work done 22 days ago. In house. To see if my prolactin level was down- which would be a sign that this medicine that makes me yack my brains out is working. So I get the blood work done and wait for a call on the results. I was too impatient and called and a nurse said it was "still pending" so I continued to call back. After I got the bill in the mail I knew it was no longer pending... but still no one had told ME! So, I call and demand some answers. The nurse told me "6." Nothing else. I had to pry information from her. I told her a little over a month ago my level was way over 100 and does the medicine normally work that fast? She claimed they were most likely using a different scale. My response was Who would know better than they would... the keeper's of my chart... if they were using a different scale. Her response... the doctor. So, lucky me, I get to leave another message for the doctor.
I have kept my phone by my side religiously. I keep it out at work. Which I hate to do. I think it's bad manners. I've taken it to church with me. I put it on my nightstand when I go to sleep thinking maybe after Dr. Lilinjquist finished watching Leno he'll remember to freakin' call me. Nothing.
I was complaining to Ken about it last night. And sweet, peaceful, somber, easy-going, Ken says to let it go. He says, I've been feeling better and I haven't been as sick and 6 sounds like a low number. So, let it go.
I, foolishly, take his advice. Yeah, I thought, when I know I know. Until then- keep taking my meds and relax. I'm not waltzing my way to my grave. Today I put my phone on silent and tucked it into my purse for the work day.
I just checked it.
1 Missed Call.
Dr. Lilinquist's office. Now, I am once again prisoner to my phone.


Poulsen Family said...

That is so frustrating! I called to get my results from my surgery and all the nurse did was tell me I had to schedule an appointment to talk with the doctor. I had my surgery April 14 and I'm still waiting to see my doctor (he's hard to get into). I will finally hear about my results next week (six weeks after having my surgery)! Gee wiz- don't these doctors realize this is OUR bodies were having to deal with?!

The Empey Fam! said...

ohhhhhhhhh how frustrating!! Dr Liljenquists office is THE worstat calling people back! When i worked at the pharmacy that was the worst one to have them call us back! I got sooooooo sick of hearing them say-- let me have you leave a message--- yeah right! I am sorry!Hey come visit me anytime!! my phone number is 339-7585

Karlenn said...

Aw MAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!!! Now it will take like another 22 days to hear back again! Arghhh!!! I wish they could leave results on voice mail. Seriously. I hate that policy.

Lyner said...

Yep that office is a painintheass.... Aubrey taught me that term. Say it really fast, it sounds like a legit term. Let us know what the results are.

Anonymous said...

That sucks!! So sorry you missed his call! I hate it when dr.'s don't call you back!! Especially for that amount of time and a nurse totally should've been able to help you over the phone. You must be very patient! I'd find a new doctor. LOL Good luck with getting in touch with him again!