Friday, July 2, 2010

An Early Retirement

Monday I quit my job. I really quit my job about 3 months ago. Informed my superiors that when the baby came I would not come back. Yeah, I quit. I told them I would work until the end of June and got suckered in to working until July 2nd. No biggie. Anyha- last weekend, being the first time pregnant mom I am, was totally 100% sure my baby was coming. Like, NOW! And instead of thinking about holding and kissing my baby I just kept thinking about work and filing reports and calling clients. Totally the wrong frame of mind. So, on Monday I quit. I said it was my last day and my body and mind need to start agreeing with each other so this baby can come whenever it wants and good luck guys- I'm outta here!
The news.... was not well accepted. But it was the news.
I've been home all week. No baby yet. The doctor said maybe over the weekend or next week sometime. Most likely before our due date.

Can I just say I love staying home? I told Ken this and his response was, "Well, yeah! Who wouldn't?" But, seriously, I like taking care of a house and not worrying about other peoples problems at work. It's refreshing. And it's relaxing. And it's really helping me not be crankity all the time.

The down side is we don't have the Internet at our house. We don't have TV either. I spend most of my days cutting and gathering wood for the stove so I can boil some potatoes for dinner. When I take a break from hunting and gathering I churn butter.

I feel really disconnected from the world. And reality.
Which for now.... is a good thing.


johnandjana said...

Good for you for quitting your job!!! It will be so awesome to be a stay-at-home Mom. You will love it and Poulsen Jensen will survive without you.Good luck with baby and let us know as soon as he gets here.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you quit. I think it's ridiculous they wanted you to stay all week:P I'm glad you've been enjoying your week at home! It is fun and relaxing, most of the time:) hehe

Karlenn said...

I was going to call you today to see if any progress has been made down under. :) I'm so glad you're having a nice week just relaxing. You deserve it after how hard you worked during tax season.

Brett and Tiffany said...

YEAH! A stay-at-home mom! You enjoy it because it is a wonderful blessing! Can't wait to see that new little one! Good luck with everything!