Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Conversation with Ken This Morning

Ken called at 9:00 this morning to check in on me and the cubbers.

Me:  K-o-l-e is being a p-i-l-l.  (We spell things that we don't want him to hear... don't all parents?)
Ken:  What's he doing?
Me:  Just ARGH!  Being too close.  Insisting on sitting on my lap while I am trying to nurse the baby.  Throwing fits.  Throwing toys.  Screaming.  Pretending he's going to give me a kiss and then screaming in my ear instead. (That would have taken a long time to spell out.)
Ken:  Oh... you'll be okay.
Me:  I know.  It's just going to be a long day.  (At this point some hormones took over and I got a little choked up.)
Ken:  What's wrong?
Me:  I'm just a little sad.
Ken:  Well, go get one.
Me: *sobs* What? *sobs*
Ken:  If you need a snack go downstairs and get one.
Me:  *laughing* I said I'm SAD not that I need a SNACK!
Ken:  *laughing* Well don't bother me if you just need a snack.  Geez!  I'm trying to work!
Me:  Why would I cry over needing a snack?
Ken:  Because you really like snacks.

It is going to be a long day... but at least I have this to laugh about anytime I think I'm losing it.


Anonymous said...


DoublClik said...

I'm laughing out loud but tearing up at the same time. Love u patty, thinking of u today

Natalie said...

Pat I agree with Ken on this one, snacks make you happy, you know it!

Brett and Tiffany said...

That was funny! Spelling things out reminds me of Grandma Grace. She ALWAYS did it when we went to her house!

Juli said...

Oldest insisted on climbing all over me when Youngest came home. I hated it. I felt gross and huge and like a human cow with the whole nursing thing.... Eventually he moved on and tried crawling on top of his brother. Which thankfully, neither of them minded. :)

Have a pudding...

Kar said...

Soooo hard having two teeny, teeny kids. I remember one day when I was trying to nurse Sadie, and Dylan sprayed the apartment fire extinguisher in his MOUTH. He started vomiting, Sadie started screaming when I lay her was NOT pretty.