Monday, July 23, 2012

Kole is Two.

Official Birthdate: July 18
Celebrated:  July 18- 21.  The kid loves to party.  Or maybe he just likes singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out candles.

Favorite color:  Green.  Everything is green.  Not in reality of course.  But if you ask him what color something is he says, "Gween! I like it!"

Favorite food:  Hot dogs.  He makes me so proud.  I also just introduced him to taquitos.  Big hit.  BIG hit.

Hobbies:  Trucks.  (<--- still.....) Blowing bubbles.  Well watching Ken blow bubbles.  Producing art.  His favorite medium to work with is stickers.  Pool parties with Triston.  Taking drives in the car.  If you ask Kole what he wants to do and the answer isn't "drive trucks" it will probably be, "ummmm.... take a drive?"  I love love LOVE it when he says that.  Car time is as close to being by myself as it gets these days.

Favorite person:  Dad.  Who Kole will occasionally call Kenner.  All day long it's "Dad?  Coming?  Dad?  Coming?"  Sometimes I want to sit him down and square off and tell him that I am important too.  I'm the one doin' all the work around here.  But you know?  Kole loves me.  Lots.  And more importantly, I love him.  Lots.  Adults shouldn't look to children for validation of their own lives.  Adults should give validation to kids.  Too often I see it going the wrong way.  Parents asking kids to love them.  It's against nature if you ask me.

Favorite word:  Poop.  I know it is not polite and it's gross and I shouldn't let him say it... but he laughs so hard.  He can be in the middle of a tantrum and if you say "poop" he starts laughing and dancing and being good again.

Lifetime goal:  Poop on the floor.  Anytime I take Kole's diaper off he runs away all nakey screaming "I poop on the floor!  I poop on the floor!"  Which he doesn't and he never has but he'll run away and crouch and just hope something comes out.  I thought... potty training?  Nope.  Hates the toilet.  Maybe I'll lay some newspaper out and pretend he's a puppy.

Favorite thing to say to Dad:  "Dad, I need you."  "Drive this one."  "Snuggle?"

Favorite thing to say to Mom:  "Mom stinks!"  "No cookies!"  "Eat your dinner!"

Can you tell who his favorite is?  And what I apparently say to him all the time?


Kar said...

Cute, cute, cute. And look at all that blonde hair. I love it. Um, Gage says one phrase: "Stop it." That is ALL HE SAYS. Gonna get him evaluated for speech therapy when he turns two in a couple of weeks.

DoublClik said...

Thank you for getting that candle blowing on video! I needed that on this Monday back to work

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Big Man!