Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Letter to Santa from My 8-year Old Self

November 15, 1992

Dear Santa,
All I really want for Christmas is a dog.  My sister, Vicky who is also writing to you wants one too.  (She already got Pebbles.)  Could I please have a dog?  I'm trying to earn one but it isn't working out.  My sister, Vicky said she would help.  And the dog would be mine.  She said her pay would be a little dog to kick when it tugs her leg. 
Oh, by the way, How are you?
I Love You!

P.S.S.  In the other envelope there are pictures.  On the back it says what it is.
P.P.S.S.  If time send back pictures.

Few things I love about this correspondence to Mr. C.  1.) My use of commas.  Not always completely correct but I did try for correct comma placement.  2.)  My afterthought to ask Santa how he was doing?  3.)  How this letter is more about my sister, Vicky, than getting a dog for Christmas.  4.)  I asked Santa if I could have one.  Not if he would being me one.  Like my parents were Mom, Dad, and Santa.  5.)  Vicky's payment would be a little dog to kick?  What?!  It's a good thing Santa didn't bring a dog into our abusive environment.  Sheesh!  Not a big selling point there.  6.)  I told Santa I loved him.  Always say that too soon.  7.)  My post scripts.  I got the "PS."  Then made is "PSS."  Not knowing then (or for the next 17 years what PS stood for.  And, finally, making it "PPSS."  I guess just in case it was "PSS." (Which I think is what a snake says.)  Or in case it was supposed to be "PPS" and I messed up the first time.

I only wish I knew what pictures I sent him.


Victoria Bradley-Morris said...

I would totally "help" you and wouldn't even kick the little guy. Dying to know what my endorsement said.

Juli said...

Too funny. :)