Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Joey is One

July 23, 2012
You came July 2, 2012 at 8:27 AM.  You weighed 8 pounds and 9 oz.  You were 21 inches long.  And guess what?  You have LOTS of dark hair!  Like ME!  That made me so happy.  When you came out you were screeching like a man old alley cat.  It made me and Dad laugh.  You have a mark on your forehead just like Koley had.  His looked like a flower.  Yours looks like a butterfly.  What manly boys!  You are such a sweet baby.  You have big eyes and you love to watch us.  Oh!  And you eat like a pirate.  You're ALWAYS hungry!  You like to sleep sitting up.  Like PapPap "watching sports."  So you sleep in your bouncy chair most nights.  You get really smiley after meals.  And- of course- since you're a Poulsen like us... you love to snuggle.  You're very beautiful.  You're my best boy. 
Love, Mom

All that schmoopey doopey dewey-eyed mommy baby stuff didn't last.  Joey cried.  A lot.  Which made me cry.  A lot.

Am I sad or do I need a snack?
A Note to Joey
I decided to take control.
After 3 months... things worked out for the better.

And now... my little cubber is one.
He's still a little baby.  And he still needs me.  Which warms my heart. 
But now... gets to eat cupcakes and drink milk.



Ginger Bradley said...

Happy Birthday, you sweet little boy! and Happy Day to YOU, Patty! You made it through the first year, champion.

vicks27 said...

Happy birthday, baby Joey! Your Granny Vicky and Gramma Jenn miss you and love you in Pittsburgh! (Did you get your present?!)

Beth Willmore said...

Holy cow I can't believe he's 1 already, that year just FLEW by for me. :) He hasn't been hard to raise at all!!

Also - love the lovey dovey post from when he was born, (were you still on drugs from his birth)? Even post c-section I'm pretty sure I never felt that way about the kids, it was more like, "You little aliens just made me get gutted like a fish, and now I'm stoned and swollen and you haven't stopped crying since you were born..." I'm pretty sentimental like that, no wonder I got my tubes tied at 27!!

Good job keeping him alive for a year, and he is such a cute little guy. Keep up the good work!!

Juli said...

I love the bathtub pic. He's like "Excuse me! Trying to take a bath here!"

Love the whole thing really... my soundtrack for Youngest's first years would have likely been "Crazy Train"

Kar said...

I cannot believe he's one!!!