Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Irreconcilable Differences

Today is our 8th anniversary.  The weather today is the same as it was 8 years ago.  Sunny.  Warm.  No clouds.  The weather is the same but it feels like everything else is different.
How do I say this.
We've come across some "irreconcilable differences" in our time together.

1. I consider corn a vegetable. 
2.  I call it Downton Abby.  Ken calls it Boring-ton Snobville.
2. Ken always gets the "arm atop elbow" position for sleep in our mini-queen-sized bed.  Which makes my arm (from the elbow down) numb. 
3.  He thinks you have to make your bed everyday.  (What.  Like we're 4 and live with our moms?)
4.  I think every dinner should be followed by dessert.
5.  He thinks every meal should have a vegetable.  (Neither corn nor potatoes count.)
6.  I think every Friday night should be date night.  And if we're not going out- we at least have to get a Redbox.  Watching Netflix doesn't count.  That's not special. 
7.  If a rebate check shows up for $50, I think "Dinner Out!"  Ken thinks "Retirement Money!"
8.  I think Reese's are as good as Godiva, Lindt, or Dove chocolates.  He thinks I say Reese's funny.
9.  I think the bird feeder should be constantly full.
10.  Ken thinks "Santa Claus" is the best Christmas movie.  I'm a big "Ernest Saves Christmas" fan. 

Being married (for this long) has been hard work.  It's not like the movies (or TV, or other people's lives) where a kiss solves everything and joking about one another is funny.  It takes commitment to be married.  Because there were (and most likely will be) days when one or the other or the both of you go, "Really?"  as you stand back and scrunch up your eyebrows and squint your eyes.  "Really?"  Something will just knock your socks off.  Something about your partner that you had no idea about. 
Personal example:  We have a glass door on our shower and after every shower I squeegee it down.  Ken is a very neat and organized person.  He values cleanliness. I hate doing the squeegee because at the end of a hot shower the last thing I want to do is stand in quickly cooling water while I get cold wiping the door down.  But I figured, Hey.  It looks nice and it makes Ken happy.  But, you know... even though I was squeegee-ing the door everyday it was still getting major water spots.  So I asked Ken, "How do you squeegee the door because I think I'm doing it wrong.  It always looks dirty."  To which Ken replied, "I don't.  I don't want to stand there and get cold just to keep the door clean." Really?  REALLY?  And now we have a "fogged" glass door.  Negotiation.  Compromise. 

Our Marriage Motto is "Teamwork makes the Dream work."  So, we watch Christmas Vacation at Christmas time.  We eat veggies every night and I have a bag of butterscotch candies in the cupboard for when I need a dessert.  Ken buys food for the birds and lets me fill it up. I feel cold and lonely when his arm isn't on top of mine at night time.  I make the bed and he brings me home a Reese's every now and again.

It's not picture perfect.  But I feel appreciated and loved.  I feel valued and supported.
Feeling that way is essential.
So, even though there are some irreconcilable differences from both sides of the table...
...we're celebrating each other today.
And all the irreconcilable reasons we love each other.

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Alesa Larsen said...

Your shower story makes me laugh. We had a clear door too, so I bought the film from HD to make it opaque. Problem solved, no more squeegeeing. Happy Anniversary!

Beth Willmore said...

Oh congratulations on 8 years - you guys are awesome! Oh and by the way - I would have punched him in the face about the shower story! :) I'm with you on Friday night dates, and Reese's being amazing! Good job making it 8 years - that's a huge challenge in this day in age!

Kar said...

Ken is so unpredictable! With the shower story, I was like, WHAT??? I would have totally tagged him as a shower squeegie guy.

Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

Happy Anni!

8 years is maj! Congrats!

Brett and Tiffany said...

Happy anniversary! Enjoy your day together! Hope you get a Reese's on your special day too! I love them too!

Juli said...

Um hello??? Turtle Wax that baby, you'll never squeegee again. :)

I used to think that sleeping all tangled in each other was so romantic... now I think king sized beds are the most romantic thing ever. You can SLEEP and occasionally touch toes if you want. :)

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

1. Corn is a vegetable, and a yummy starch.
2a. I thought it was Borington Snoozeby?
2b. Arm atop pillow what now?
3. Only make the bed if people are coming over or we're on vacation so it appears clean.
4. I think dinner should follow dessert.
5. Potatoes totally count.
6. Netflix totally counts.
7. I think video games!
8. Peanut butter is the devil. As far as Godiva, et. al. go, quantity over quality; I'd rather have 500 pieces of Hershey's than 5 pieces of Godiva.
9. I'm lazy.
10. You're both wrong. "Scrooged" is the best Christmas movie ever.