Thursday, November 21, 2013

Page 281

This ward sings some songs I don't know des temps en temps.  What am I saying "des temps en temps"... they sing weird ones consistently.  I prefer the Hits. Babe. Nothing but the Hits.   

There is Sunshine In My Soul Today
How Great Thou Art
I Believe In Christ
I Stand All Amazed

The Hits!  I like to sing and swing a little.  Do a little reverent head bopping.  We get the hits sometimes but it seems like every week there's an old one in there.  One I've never heard of.  One that makes Kole look at me all cock-eyed since I sing three-quarters of the notes wrong.  (We Are All Enlisted!  Another Chart Topper!)  With the deep crush I've developed on this ward I've just decided to roll with it.  I thought, "Maybe these people are the exceptional people they are because they don't judge hymns... or people."  So I decided to open my heart to the crazy ol' Hymns they sing.  All my faves, all the bland ones, and all the ones I've never heard.  In doing so- we sang a hymn that has become my favorite.  Page 281. (shuffling for hymnals.)

Help Me Teach with Inspiration
Grant this blessing, Lord, I pray.
Help me lift a soul's ambition
To a higher, nobler way.

Help me reach a friend in darkness;
Help me guide him through the night.
Help me show thy path to glory
By the Spirit's holy light.

Fill my mind with understanding;
Tune my voice to echo thine.
Touch my hand with gentle friendship;
Warm my heart with love divine.

Help me find thy lambs who wander;
Help me bring them to thy keep.
Teach me, Lord, to be a shepherd;
Father help me feed they sheep.

I give you a second to wipe your tears and enjoy that warmth in your chest.
Those lyrics! 
"Lift a soul's ambition..."
"Reach a friend in darkness..." "Touch my hand with gentle friendship..."

It's soft and lovely.
It is what living in this house, in this ward, for the last year has been to me.
A true lifting.
I feel like the best version of myself when I am surrounded by these people.
I feel calm.
And gracious.
And loved.

It will be hard to move away.
Next Wednesday.

Do wards have theme songs?

Cuz 'dat Hymn should be it.
Well... that or... Beautiful by Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell.  Everyone is just gorgeous. Gorgeous! Like Vampire Gorgeous.


Andrea Bradley said...

PATTY!!! Mom told me the news just two nights ago and I squeeled and gasped on the phone! i love to feel that you will be in Idaho Falls again, u have always been on Fieldstream in my mind. I liked your pasture and wildlife and backyard in Utah and seeing the ferris wheel of Lagoon in the distance, but u and Ken are just right in Idaho Falls. Now I get to see more family in one place when I come home for Christmas! And guess which airport I'm flying directly into?? Wait for it.....IDAHO FALLS!! ur ward theme song comment made me laugh out loud, love u P

Poulsen Family said...

Good luck with the move! I'm interested to know what you're doing with your schooling? I hope you find a way to continue because after reading FB and learning what you scored on your Stats test, you're one smart cookie (stats was way over my head).

Megan said...

You're moving back to IF?!!! Did I miss something?! lol

Crystal Collier said...

Huh. I've never thought about that before. I wonder what my ward's theme song would be. Serving in Primary, I have my own slant on what it should be. ;)

Juli said...

Well, I know nothing of hymns. But I know A LOT about moving.

1. Label boxes by room.

2. Pack kids toys in clear tubs so you can find "that" toy without unpacking everything the first night.

3. (the most important) Don't forget the kids. :)

Brett and Tiffany said...

I am SO HAPPY you are moving closer to me! heehee! I didn't know you were even moving until I ran into your sister at Fat Cats in Rexburg. She didn't know me...I recognized her and she said she had just moved to Rexburg! CRAZY! CALL ME when you move up here! I would love to get together! There are always time for nachos, right?

Kar said...

What the WHAT?? That is so great!! You need to e-mail me with the neety greety. And I hope I feel as at home in my new ward as I did in the old one. We went for the first time today and I felt really weird.

Tammy Kidner said...

I moved here from Idaho Falls. I am jealous. Good luck on the move. Sorry I didn't get to meet up with you while you were here in Utah I did not realize you had been so close.

DrFlynnDMD said...

I am sad that your family moved. We too love this ward and neighborhood. Ironically, today Sister Callahan who was in charge of picking our music each week reported that this too was her last week as her family was moving as well.

My wife Sandra posted this today similarly expressing her love for inclusion and love from this ward:

We will all miss you, good luck.

Angela said...

I'm so happy you are moving closer to your family and coincidentally closer to me too. I'd love to see you in person instead of always on facebook.

I love that song you wrote about. It has truly lifted me many times. There are so many out there who feel the Spirit and lift with inspiration those of us who are in need. Thank you for sharing with me. You and your family have always held a special place in my heart since we met. Thank you for being you!