Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NewMe Zoomi

Last night, I dyed my hair red.  I'd like to say it's reddish brown but it's more like brownish red.  And, may I add...
I'm a scorcher, babe.
*Back of hand cupped by mouth* The new push-up bra adds to the effect.
Instant boob job.
Fraction of a fraction of the cost. 
But tis' the new hair color that has me feeling young and free.

So free, in fact, I painted my nails hot pink.  Takealookatthat!

I played tricks on Kole and Joey.
I popped out and scared them every chance I could.
I turned the music up.
I turned the bass up.
I put some lip gloss on.
I danced my big ol' mom butt around the house. (to the tune of Welcome to Atlanta Remix)
I tried to get the kids to follow me.
It kinda worked.  Guess they don't love Jermaine Dupri as much as I do.
We had an inside picnic and played a new version of Candy Land.
Which, P.S.,  if Kole named it would be called "Cheat Cheat Cheat and Make The Game Last A Long Long Time."
We took a walk.
And decided to have mini races.  Probably 45 mini races to get around our block?  45?.... maybe 60?
When we got home- I said, "Let's go again!"

It felt good to breathe and be me and be 29.

I used to think I had to keep that gray in there.
Make it a part of myself.
You know, She's young and perfect with this striking gray hair.
The young and perfect apply but the striking gray hair... looked more like kinked up tinsel.
Nothing young about that.
Red is it for me right now.
So sexy.
And- as we all know- "Sexy" and "Patty" are synonymous.

Try a new color to shake off the winter doldrums.
Works.  *wink* Like a charm.
The shade of hot pink nail polish, however, is a little too "trying too hard."
It's gotta go.

Picture on the way...


Beth Willmore said...

Yay! I'm totally getting my hair done next week and was thinking, "You know - I should do something different..." I was thinking BLACK but now I'm wondering about red... I don't know if I'm sexy enough to pull it off though - but I do love the idea of a push-up bra!

Now my 2014 can begin since you've posted! (Until today I've just been curled in a ball in my sweats for the past 22 days... my hubby has been a little concerned...) :)

Poulsen Family said...

I am a firm believer in hair dye. It makes a world of difference in my attitude of myself.

Brooke Stephens said...

I bet ya look great! Red heads DO have more fun!!!

Brett and Tiffany said...

Can't wait for the pic!

Juli said...

I went from lt blonde to BLACK in December.


And I went for a pedicure... in mauve. Does that count?

Lindsey said...

I am too scared to change my natural blonde hair...but I did notice your hair on Sunday and you look beautiful!