Monday, July 28, 2008

Game of the Year 1995 AND 2008!

Friday night me and Ken doubled up with Julie and Chris. They came to our casa for game night. And I LOVE game nights. After getting through all the small talk- competitive juices were flowing. We decided to whip out Settlers of Catan. Settlers of Catan originated in Germany in 1995 but is my new craze. There are tons of things I like about this game. First, it's pretty basic in terms of pieces and play- but the strategy, the plotting, the win! It's too fun. I also like it because no one really loses. Of course there is a dominant winner- but then evey one else loses! Even if you fall a little behind- you still can set goals to reach. Longest road, Largest Army, etc. etc. I always say every game needs a loser. That way I don't get all the grief and apologies... it's like I played to lose! No need to apologize. Seriously, no need.

I would say the star of our game was Jules. Who, from my memory, is usually the under-dog star of games. I would say she made a hasty, quiet win. Everyone else would be counting up their points and announcing how close they were to winning- and then BAM! Jules gets a development card and wins the game. It was FAAAAAAANtastic!

The company was hilarious, the game was over the top, and the invitation is open for a rematch!

Rusty would also like to apologize if anyones clothes were ruined by his joyous welcoming. He's just a lover.

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Jules said...

Admittance Rusty: It WAS funny. And actually I still laugh about it. Apology accepted, but not needed--my clothes weren't even ruined. Plus, I did get the victory that night, who cares about anything else?! VICTORY! VICTORY!!!!!!!