Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence Day

What a 4th. What a 4th!! Ken and I spent the day weeding the gardens and working on our hot, sexy tans. (Ken's tan is way hotter... way sexier.) Later in the afternoon we went over to our neighbors house for some killer guacamole and chips. (Ribs, corn, and summer salads were also served-but the guac.... whoa.) We championed a few rounds of volleyball and then got ready for the main event. Fireworks. For the first time in our marriage we went down to the river. Our BFF's Jeff and Jenna reserved a killer spot. KILLER! In Idaho Falls, the fireworks are a big deal. I mean people start camping out days ahead of time to reserve a good spot. But, we know, it's all about who you know not what you know. And we got the hook-up. We were right in the action and the ground was literally shaking with every explosion of light. It was awesome. I believe the fireworks were best enjoyed by our newest friend and glow stick fiend, Addy. She added to the excitement of the evening by yelling "These are the best ever!" and "I love this, mom!" Fireworks went on in our neighborhood well into the night... past 1 AM. Ken (aka Scrooge-a-rooney) was ready to bust some heads. But I told him.... some people are just really proud to be Americans.

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