Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girls Camp 2008!

Wednesday I got to skip work and head for the hills. I went to Darby Girls Camp with the young women in my ward. I left just before 7 AM and got there just in time to cook breakfast for 8 sleepy girls. We spent most of the morning doing each others hair and nails and reading their favorite book, "Twilight." I convinvced them to spend one hour doing certification and I even got my beehives to eat some plants in nature. We had an afternoon event with Jenny Phillips who composes lots of church music aimed toward the young women. We also spent our fair share of time on the Darby slide. It's about 60 feet long! I went so fast! The weird thing is you are reaching the end and you see it coming and there is no space to slow down. You can tell you are just going to fly off! I think that's why there is a hole at the bottom. Like, fall in here! It was a blast. That night Julie and mom came up for a fireside me and Julie had worked on.

It was fantastic. We taught the girls how to become super models! We looked at a model by the worlds standards and compared that to being a model for Christ. And, fear not, there was a runway. And no one got auffed. The girls loved Julie and I am sure we'll be talking about it for mutuals to come. But, seriously, who could ask for a better model?

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