Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Improvement

As part of my birthday Ken and I decided to rip down our old blinds. For any of you who have been to our house know that our blinds were not only old but also fairly heavy and tacky. The smile on Ken's face when we ripped those off the wall and hauled them out was immaculate. We purchased some clean white horizontal blinds at the Ho De and put them up right away. It really made that room more modern. Ken and I keep saying it's like being in a new house. And Ken has caught the bug. In two weeks we are painting and then there will be new drapes and then he wants to replace all the sockets and then in the bathroom new tile and get rid of that pink stuff and drywall the down stairs and reface the fireplace and tile the laundry room etc etc etc

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Jules said...

I love home improvements. Let me clarify---I love YOUR home improvements. Way to go Patty Patty.