Thursday, September 11, 2008

...and the Livings easy

Summer wouldn't be complete without a camping trip with all the bells and whistles. And the Foster's provided just that. (Gosh we love those Fosters!) After work Ken and I hopped in the Trailblazer and headed for Swan Valley where we were going to camp with Jeff and Jenna. The spot was unbelievable! It was like a 5-star camping spot. It had it all. Seclusion. Scenery. Killer fishing spots. (We'll get to that.) And... AND (!!!) Jeff and Jenna had it all set up when we got there. The even put up a tent for us in the Lover's Cove. For dinner we had "Hobo Dinners." Also known as tinfoil dinners. But theses were unlike any other dinner over a fire I have ever had. It was so flavorful! I give credit to the chef and to the bacon. I felt like a true pioneer. That night we stayed up and swapped stories around the campfire like cowboys on the ranch. When bedtime came around I realized I forgot the foam mattress. (That didn't go over well.) The night was... long. I just kept thinking a bear was going to come and attack us. Even though Jeff brought his gun and said, "All you gotta do is say, 'J. G!' That means Jeff. Gun!" and he'd take care of it. I'm still a bit of a city slicker I guess. In the morning we got out our fishing poles and headed down the creek. It wasn't long before I caught the first fish of the day! Then my second! Then Ken caught one. And I finished the day with one more catch. Take a good hard look at the pictures if you want to see those beauties though. They kind of blend in with the leaves. It was so fun. I've been dreaming about camping every night since. And I am proud to say I am now a licensed Idaho fisherman. Feel free to call for a guided tour.

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J n J Foster said...

Very nice description of the camping experience! We didn't go into that much detail but we are glad you guys had fun because we did too!! If it wasn't so cold we would go there every weekend!!!