Monday, July 28, 2008

Game of the Year 1995 AND 2008!

Friday night me and Ken doubled up with Julie and Chris. They came to our casa for game night. And I LOVE game nights. After getting through all the small talk- competitive juices were flowing. We decided to whip out Settlers of Catan. Settlers of Catan originated in Germany in 1995 but is my new craze. There are tons of things I like about this game. First, it's pretty basic in terms of pieces and play- but the strategy, the plotting, the win! It's too fun. I also like it because no one really loses. Of course there is a dominant winner- but then evey one else loses! Even if you fall a little behind- you still can set goals to reach. Longest road, Largest Army, etc. etc. I always say every game needs a loser. That way I don't get all the grief and apologies... it's like I played to lose! No need to apologize. Seriously, no need.

I would say the star of our game was Jules. Who, from my memory, is usually the under-dog star of games. I would say she made a hasty, quiet win. Everyone else would be counting up their points and announcing how close they were to winning- and then BAM! Jules gets a development card and wins the game. It was FAAAAAAANtastic!

The company was hilarious, the game was over the top, and the invitation is open for a rematch!

Rusty would also like to apologize if anyones clothes were ruined by his joyous welcoming. He's just a lover.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Blessings

Baby Josslynn received a name and blessing at the Arco ward building in booming Arco, Idaho on June 20, 2008. Her dress was gorgeous! Krissy's sister in law, Lisa, made it out of parts of Krissy's wedding dress. You had never seen a more glamorous baby. Nick gave a beautiful and thoughtful blessing. Ken got to be in the circle and that really made his day. (He feels more officially a part of the family.) All of the Ivie's and Bradley's were there minus Tyler and Victoria. Ken and Nick grilled burgers after church and bonded as brothers. Everyone came over to hold the little babe. She so precious! Ken and I love her sweet soft spirit. The baby bug kinda bites at ya after you hold that little gem!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance

I am blogging to alert all friends and family members that I am graduating! In December of 2010. (Not a typo, it says 2010.) I am getting my degree in Organizational Communication. I will graduate with high honors. It is still 2 years away- but please don't give me any grief about how long it is taking. Learning is a lifelong process. Also, I am giving everyone plenty of notice so, please, plan on attending my totally killer graduation party. Graduation gifts will be accepted. Thank you.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girls Camp 2008!

Wednesday I got to skip work and head for the hills. I went to Darby Girls Camp with the young women in my ward. I left just before 7 AM and got there just in time to cook breakfast for 8 sleepy girls. We spent most of the morning doing each others hair and nails and reading their favorite book, "Twilight." I convinvced them to spend one hour doing certification and I even got my beehives to eat some plants in nature. We had an afternoon event with Jenny Phillips who composes lots of church music aimed toward the young women. We also spent our fair share of time on the Darby slide. It's about 60 feet long! I went so fast! The weird thing is you are reaching the end and you see it coming and there is no space to slow down. You can tell you are just going to fly off! I think that's why there is a hole at the bottom. Like, fall in here! It was a blast. That night Julie and mom came up for a fireside me and Julie had worked on.

It was fantastic. We taught the girls how to become super models! We looked at a model by the worlds standards and compared that to being a model for Christ. And, fear not, there was a runway. And no one got auffed. The girls loved Julie and I am sure we'll be talking about it for mutuals to come. But, seriously, who could ask for a better model?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kunkle Ken

I think it is safe to say, Ken has a way with kids. It could be the oh so mysterious facial hair element. Could be the baby face. Could be the charming and sneaky smile. Whatever it is kids really love him. And now there is one more addition to join the ranks of children who call him "Kunkle Ken." Josslynn Rosemarie was born June 18th, 2008. She's so small and girly. My mom says she's like a Beanie Baby. Ken and I both agree. And we love her already and are currently planning a plot to kidnap her. So watch out, Kris!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence Day

What a 4th. What a 4th!! Ken and I spent the day weeding the gardens and working on our hot, sexy tans. (Ken's tan is way hotter... way sexier.) Later in the afternoon we went over to our neighbors house for some killer guacamole and chips. (Ribs, corn, and summer salads were also served-but the guac.... whoa.) We championed a few rounds of volleyball and then got ready for the main event. Fireworks. For the first time in our marriage we went down to the river. Our BFF's Jeff and Jenna reserved a killer spot. KILLER! In Idaho Falls, the fireworks are a big deal. I mean people start camping out days ahead of time to reserve a good spot. But, we know, it's all about who you know not what you know. And we got the hook-up. We were right in the action and the ground was literally shaking with every explosion of light. It was awesome. I believe the fireworks were best enjoyed by our newest friend and glow stick fiend, Addy. She added to the excitement of the evening by yelling "These are the best ever!" and "I love this, mom!" Fireworks went on in our neighborhood well into the night... past 1 AM. Ken (aka Scrooge-a-rooney) was ready to bust some heads. But I told him.... some people are just really proud to be Americans.