Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Planet

I grew up with all girls. 4 sisters. 4 Barbie-loving, dress-up playing, girly-game creating sisters. So, when we babysat for the Ashcrafts I didn't know what I was in for. The Ashcrafts have 4 boys. Ethan, Thayne, Jeffrey, and Andrew. I thought "I can handle boys." I've babysat boys. But I come to find out boys are way different than girls. Especially when it's ALL boys. When there is one sister (especially if she is older) the boys seem a bit more mellow. They've played house before. They know how to be gentle with a doll. But when it's all boys- well that's a horse of a different color! I like to bring a Kid Kit when I go babysitting. Call me crazy. Or better yet call me prepared. I feel like the kids are better and more fun and easygoing when they have something new to play with. So I brought all my colored pencils, markers, crayons, and coloring books. I brought coloring books of boy things too! Dinosaurs, cars, and spaceships! I was a total flop. Ken brought SpeedRacer Legos. Guess who was the hit? I was literally invisible. Until something spilled or someone got hurt or someone got called "really dumb." Then, suddenly, I was visible and desperately needed. With girls we can sit down and chat and play and color and time flies. With boys we run and wrestle and build and see if we can fly. I have to admit, these boys are so stinking cute I didn't care what they were doing. They were just fun to observe. Am I sounding stalkerish? Ken spent the night helping Ethan build the white car and Thayne build the orange car. Jeffrey was pleased just to watch his big brothers build cars. I even got him to color with me. But as soon as I started taking pictures he was more interested in taking some of his own. Displayed below.

The kids got talent.

I am still available to baby-sit. I will blog about your children after I am through and I will hound you after to let me do it again- but don't let that stop you!


Anonymous said...

Boys are totally different!! LOL But since Brynnan is good friends with Lainey Heath he often wants to do girly things with her. Haha My boys would love to sit and color with you! WE'll keep you in mind:)

Karlenn said...

You are such a babe for always offering to baby-sit. I'll bet the Ashcrafts LOVED having some time alone together. And yeah.. boys hate coloring, which has been sad for me, because that used to be my favorite pasttime as a kid. :)

Lyner said...

I love the Ashcrafts, they are so creative and well pretty hilarious! I am glad you got to hang out with them. Will you come babysit me...we can color!

Anonymous said...