Monday, April 27, 2009

The New Leaf-let

As excited as I was (am continually am) about Spanx I've realized that I can't rely on Spanx for everything. Yes, they are a remarkable and a remarkably easy fix. But what about swim suits? I love love love la-HOVE to swim. If Ken and I go do an overnighter there must be a pool at the hotel. If I am at work and it's hot I take a dip in Rigby Lake on my lunch hour. I swim every chance I can. And I can't seem to imagine wearing Spanx under my swim suit. I thought I might be able to but I tried this weekend and nope. Not happening. They come down almost to my knees and look... retarded. So, I am keeping my Spanx but starting to get in shape.

Apparently if you write things down it works better. You have a better chance of succeeding or what not. (I will be a millionaire. I will be a millionaire. I will be a millionaire.) So, how bout up the chances and write it down where thousands will read it here on my blog every single day! That way I won't only have my own conscience to answer to, I'll have all you whistle-blowers too! I am truly a genius.

So, I am not going to diet- because I believe in setting myself up for success. Ken lost 25 pounds in one month from getting on the treadmill. Now, I know that he is a male and therefore can simply wish to be thinner and it will happen. Females aren't as lucky. But my mom lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks by getting on the treadmill everyday. So that is my course of action. Treadmill every day. Starting tonight.

Current Stats:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 167..... ewww.
Goal: 152
Deadline: None. No Pressure. No Hype.

This picture does fairly good justice. I think my face alone weighs 25 pounds. Yoiks!

You will be kept posted.


Chris-baby and Jules-a-bug said...

After seeing this picture of me... I decided to get on the treadmill every hour. EW.

Poulsen Family said...

Good for you! Best of luck. My advice- patience. It took me awhile to loose 20 pounds and it takes a lot to keep it off :)

Brett and Tiffany said...

You go girl! Any time you set a goal and accomplish it, it is such a great feeling! Make sure you have some type of reward at the end or at each 5 is more of a motivator (like a new shirt or a massage from Ken or something fun!)

Karlenn said...

Good for you, Pats. If you want to jog out in the beautiful outdoors, I can be your partner.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!! I wish we had a treadmill. Mark and I need to start exercising!!

Harrigfeld said...

Way to go Patty. When was that picture taken? Keep me updated!