Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pure Gold

I have gone one step beyond celebrity crush. And have developed a fictional celebrity crush. Ari Gold. Something about him...mmmm. Gives me chills. Ari Gold is from the HBO series Entourage. Which I love. He is a first-class jerk. Mean, insensitive, pushy. Oh and I can't get enough of him! I love the way he talks. How coy he is. How he can give an insult and you don't even realize it until after you repeat it a few times because you're so hypnotized. How he checks out every single girl as they walk by. How he yells. At everyone. In real life I would never want to be with Ari Gold or a person like Ari Gold. But he is so desirable! It's hard to stomach. Whoever tailors his suits is a genius.


Karlenn said...

Patty, your crushes are so weird!!! Phil Mickelson? The loud guy from Mad Money? A fictional character who is a jerk? I'm glad your "real life" taste isn't so poor!!!

Heath Family said...

Patty, you crack me up! What is it about those "bad boys"? I'm totally with you on the crush thing....I love them too!