Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lovers Getaway

Last weekend Ken and I skipped out of town. We went up to the Grand Targhee Resort. Every summer Edward Jones has their Summer Regional Meeting. You think they could come up with a more unique name, huh? This year it was up at Targhee. It's like being in a different world there. I chalk this up to the fact that all the employees are really granola. I love granola. The snack and the people. Also, you are miles away from civilization. 16 miles actually. You take a turn and up you go leaving Broulims, gas stations, pay phones, law enforcement, everything... behind you. It's liberating. The air is cleaner. It even felt like my skin was more cleansed. Dare I say, it was surreal.
Ken, the poor bugger, had meetings from the time we got there (noon Friday) to noon on Saturday. Some of the meetings were not actual meetings. I mean for an hour we all sat in this big room and everyone introduced themselves and their wives. C'mon that's not a meeting. Immediately following that ice-breaker the spouses all got together for about an hour and half. There were about 30 maybe 35 women and 3 men. Those were the spouses. We all talked about our favorite things. We had to bring it to give to someone. My latest craze is Victoria Secret Very Sexy Bronzer. It's incredible. Smooths your complexion, adds a summer glow, instant tan. Never (I repeat) NEVER wipes off. It's awesome. I almost didn't want to give it away. But rules are rules.

After that I was lil' miss free bird. I toured the facilities. Hot tubs, spa, heated pool, nature observatory, game rooms, HBO, chair lift, bike rentals, horseback riding, anything you could think of- this place had. It was awesome... and it was totally all paid for. I had a blast. Friday I spent unwinding. Something about breathing in all the mountain air soothes the soul, babe.

Saturday I tried to get Ken to commit to doing the chairlift to the top of the mountain with me- he was too scared so when he was in his last meeting I did it all by myself. What a sight. I spent a good hour up there hiking around. After his meeting I talked him into it and showed him some pictures and he decided he'd do it. They poor boy was petrified. He kept telling em he was scared of heights while we were walking over to the lift. He is white-knuckle-pee-his-pants scared of heights. He didn't pee but he wouldn't even move his head. We had to put the kiddie bar down and everything. It was all worth it from the top. Not only were the Tetons spectacular but there were literally thousands of lady bugs up there! Bizarre! We thought about renting bikes and riding down. That's a lot of work. We thought about ATVs. Those would be fun- but they were a lot of money. We thought about hiking. Back to the lot of work scenario. So we rode down. I'm seriously thinking they should install those on every mountain. Then, the people who love to hike can hike their hearts out and the people who hate hiking but love the view can still enjoy all this country has to offer. Who's with me?
Can't you tell that Ken is just loving the ride? He looks so happy. He was too scared to look at the camera.


Poulsen Family said...

Sounds fun! Christopher is scared of heights too. When he was younger he would NOT get on the lift so his family left him at the bottom while they rode it.

Lyner said...

I am totally with you on that. I love to hike, but man if they had that when I was in girl's camp, that would have saved me from wanting to kill this girl going up the mountain saying "are we there yet"... But that sounds like so much fun Patty!

Karlenn said...

Oh, Pats, I have spent so many hours on that mountain, skiing. I love getting to the top and seeing the Grand Tetons, RIGHT THERE. Amazing. Heavenly. I'm glad you got to experience it. I guess Ken wouldn't be game for learning to ski, huh?

Harrigfeld said...

Where are the pictures?? That sounds like fun. A nice getaway. We still need to have lunch!!

johnandjana said...

That is so much fun! We went there as a family once and rode to the top, except for Christopher. He wouldn't go, so we left him at the bottom with the lift operator. It is spectacular up there. John and I went and stayed over once by ourselves too. It is very refreshing. I'm glad you got to do that.

weloveadoption said...

Ken looks pretty scared. I have done it but the kiddie bar had to be down for me too. Looks like you had lots of fun.