Thursday, June 11, 2009

Victoria Part I

Taking Thursday, Friday, and Monday off work is the way to go. I felt like I had taken 6 months off. Truly terrific. The events started on Thursday. I went up to Rexburg at about 10:30 and her majesty wasn’t even awake yet. Jet lag? I don’t know. A 2 hour time difference never really gets to me. Mom was the perfect host offering hot chocolate with cool whip, cinnamon rolls, and fruit cocktail. (I’m a sucker for fruit cocktail.) I had… all of the above. When Victoria woke up she gave me a really long hug and grabbed my head, shook it, and asked how my tumor was doing. "He’s fine." We lounged around and watched some TV. Vicky loves What Not To Wear on TLC. Something we have in common. She also taught us this great dance called the "Cupid Shuffle." It's a mix of the electric slide and Cotton-Eye Joe. We did it about 6 times in a row. We had planned to go horseback riding that day but… first Krissy said she wasn’t coming because she didn’t have a sitter for the kiddos. Then we figured we could just bring the boys. Then, the guy wasn’t sure he wanted to go without Dad. Then he was okay with it. Then Krissy said she was too busy and couldn’t come. Then Julie’s husband came down with vomitoids and she didn’t want to leave him all by himself. So, we rescheduled for the next day. And we got rained out Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Boo-hiss you rain. All was not lost. In stead of horseback riding we went to Ross. Me, Vickers, and Mumsy. We were pulling all kinds of fun things off the rack. I like shopping with mom because her motto is "It can’t hurt to try it on." That statement offers all kinds of liberation. I was trying on dresses I never would otherwise. And really never should have….I’ve got tree trunk for legs. Tree! Trunks! And Christmas hams for arms. Christmas! Hams! Vicky scored with the cutest t-shirt. It was a silhouette of Barbie (you know- pony tail, cute chin, glam eye lashes) and it said Vote for Barbie. "Barbie" was in that cute Barbie cursive. The back said, "A Leader For Us All" and had a bunch of stars. It was darling. And wouldn’t you know it there was only one. (That pic is not of Vickers. But I can't believe I found the shirt online! Of course it's in Britain and costs 25 pounds. Vicks got it for $3.99) I tell you what Victoria looks smoldering in anything she puts on. She has an incredible figure. And it is a FIGURE! None of this stick stuff. She’s got curves that’ll take you to another world. Holy Cow. Gorgeous.

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Karlenn said...

I love T-shirts so much. And what a deal! Everything in England is soooo much more expensive.