Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Each year the Rotarians of Idaho Falls do the duck race. You may have heard of it. You can buy a rubber ducky for $5 and they drop all these thousands of ducks into the river and the first one across the finish line wins an outstanding prize. All the proceeds go to helping develop our lovely greenbelt. Well... before the normal citizens get a go at it the Rotary gets the big dogs entered in a race.
The Executive Duck Race.
We're called the Quacker Backers. The ducks run a hefty penny more than $5 but the prizes are HUGE and there are more. This year on the table up for grabs there was a 10 day cruise, a trip to Vegas, a guided float trip, and $750 to Sams. All donated! Isn't that incredible? So you pay your money and they give you a duck decoy. Not a rubber duck. You can choose if you want to be entered in the duck decorating contest. Where you dress up your decoy. Dad (in-law) asked me if I wanted to decorate ours. There were prizes so, of course, I said yes. After Dad had me committed he told me what a big deal it was. It's more that just putting a dress on your duck. You need a theme. You need a set-up. A duck diorama. A Duckarama! Coming up with my theme was hard. I had a little help from Andi with the logo and I think we nailed it.

Obviously with a theme like like I was looking at decorating 10 duckies not one. Man, I love biting off more than I can chew. It's in my blood. I decided to go big. To bring pride to Jensen Poulsen and Company. To go... all out.
All out was a lot. A lot longer than I thought. I didn't keep a time card but I think I had well over 75 hours into this thing. I hand-glued each and everyone of those sequins. I thinks Kate/Swans hair is my pride and joy. Can't you almost hear her nagging her poor husband. I gave him a receding hairline but you can't really see it in these pictures. These aren't the greatest pictures out there. I took them right before we left and I was oh so nervous. I wanted to put this really hot scantily clad duck off to the side and have Jon/Drake (<- which is a male duck) goggling at her... but I didn't have the time and the cardboard stand-up I made didn't look right.

Can you see one of the little ducks has glasses? I'm so clever.
We won. People's Choice Award. Season tickets for 2 to the Idaho Falls Arts Council. Booya.


Karlenn said...

I can't wait to show these to Mom! She'll be so proud of you. I love it. The Kate character's hair is perfect. You are AMAZING!!

Natalie said...

Pat I knew you had it in you, duck decorating is your thing, and what attention to detail, I love it!

Brett and Tiffany said...

What fun posts! the ducks...absolutely amazing! We laughed so hard when we saw those! What a talent you have...a new career if you ever get tired of accounting! hahaha! Did you lighten your hair? It looks lighter in the picture of your mom's birthday party!

johnandjana said...

Good job Patty! Your ducks are amazing! I loved the theme and the Jon and Kate are unreal. You did a super job.

Chris-baby and Jules-a-bug said...

Whoahh! These turned out really good. I'm not surprised, but when you left our house the night of Chris's graduation, I just couldn't picture it entirely. Aww, I am so proud of you for WINNING!! Bradley girls just don't fail at artistic contests, I think it has something to do with those 75 hours we insist on putting in. Job well done patsmo.

Sean and Rachel Edwards said...

The ducks are too cute/funny! I hope you have them displayed some where in your house so I can see them in person! LOVE it! Congrats on winning. Looks like you totally deserved it too.

DoublClik said...

I know I'm like a comment from LEFT FIELD here, but this is my FIRST time seeing your ducks! I made the logo but never saw the result! Awesome and hilarious!