Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rigby Lake

Somewhere along the line Rigby Lake got a bad rep. Too many people. Too dirty. Garbage in the water. Bad sand. I am here to say NO MORE! They're cleaning it up kids. It has become a fave summer spot for me and Ms. Andi. (Others are always welcome. We go Staurdays around 3.) They've planted and extended new grass making it easier for moms to stay close to the kids. It also has limited my feet burning experiences. They've brought in all new sand and ripped out a bunch of the dead trees and weeds. There's a Sno-Shak in there and a place to buy swimmies and intertubes. They've also re-done the bathrooms! No more pee-pee smell! You have to pay 5 buckies a car to get in but I am all for that. Not only it is OBVIOUS that my money is going to good use... it limits the riff raff. Our first Saturday we had it all wrong. We laid out in the intolerable heat (ate Pringles and Fritos till it hurt) and read magazines until there was sweat on our brow and then would go for a swim. I didn't want to get out of the water. Week #2 we invested in some tubes from Kings. ($3!) That's the way to do it. My legs got sufficiently more tan. So now they are pale not ghostly. A step up. I love it. Andi loves it. Any new comers?


Poulsen Family said...

Sounds like fun! I have always been a little weary of Rigby Lake but after your review it doesn't sound too shabby.

Karlenn said...

Put me down for Saturday the 15th. Are you going then? Is it okay if I bring my annoying kids?? It costs MONEY now? Man... I guess it's worth it. I've been wanting to take the kiddies all summer.

DoublClik said...

This is my first time SEEING this post! It was on a "you might also like" and Rory said "is that you?!" How cool! Hidden memory treasure! Score!