Monday, August 31, 2009

Warm River

You know that old song form the 20s? "Moon River, wider than a mile. I'm crossing you in style some day." I sang that song all weekend long. But to "Warm River." I love those old-fashioned romantic songs.

We have our ward camp out at Warm River. I'll admit, at first the idea of a camp out with the ward seemed really strange. Like, are you sure we're supposed to have all the girls and all the boys sleeping in the same camp area? Seems... strange.
When Ken and I got off work on Friday we had a bit of a lover's tiff. I was supposed to get sleeping bags and have everything ready to go on the sleeping end. My sleeping bag source was unreachable and Ken (bless his over-reactive heart) said we weren't going. We went back and forth for a while. And after 45 minutes of kind, warm-hearted bickering we decided to camp in the back of the Trailblazer. I'm not huge on tents. Rephrase. I'm not huge on animals. Animals close to my tent. So Trailblazer it was. We put a bunch of cushions back there and filled it with pillows and blankets and off we went. Late. Around 8.
It was a blast. We stayed up late on Friday. I know I'm 25... but I still get a kick out of staying up late. We were up until 1:30 or 2:00 talking with some of the YW. The regular debate. HP vs. TW. (The winner will always be Harry Potter, Ms. Luckau.) I didn't mind staying up that late because I figured I could sleep in on Saturday. I forgot the whole being outside and when the sun comes up... you get up. SO... bright and early Saturday I was up. Ken was already working on making breakfast I decided to start fishing. I got my fly rod. And cast in a few times. Sooner than I knew I had a gathering of kids around me and I laid up my rod to help them get a couple little guppies on their lines.

I loved helping the kiddos out. I hated getting hooked. Over. And. Over. Again. So, I convinced them to come eat some breakfast. Let me mention that the food was fantastic. Really good. Always hot. And there was always something out to eat! Which I love. Because I am classified as a snacker.

After breakfast Ken decided to fish with Jared and Janniel. We've only got one flyrod between the two of us so I took pictures and tending Isaac (Jared and Janniel's kiddo ma griddo.)

Anytime I'd take a picture of Isaac he'd say "Let me look." So I'd show it to him. He'd say, "Oh! He's cute!"

After watching other people have fun for an hour or so I got pro-active and rounded up troops for the river float!

The river is probably 5 feet deep in it's absolute DEEPEST spot. Most of the time your butt is scraping bottom if you have a big-butt like mine. But, wow, this was fun. The Hansen's made it all the more fun. Diane referred to it as "the celestial kingdom." I figured celestial kingdom on a cold winter's day. The water was maybe 40? 50? Cold. Cold enough to make me a little blue. But you get used to it. Or you get numb to it. Hard to say. I didn't even care though. I had so much fun. I probably floated 10 times. I'd have gone longer if I could have. I loved it.


Nat said...

Warm River ROCKS! Our girls camp was there this year. Too many mosquitoes, though.

johnandjana said...

What a fun Ward activity. We have floated warm river before and it is fun. I'm glad you had a great time!

Karlenn said...

I suck, suck, suck. I just couldn't handle Micah for one more second; I think he would have made it horrible. But I'm really jealous of all the fun you had. And I think it's awesome that you help everyone with their kids.

Natalie said...

Sounds like a blast, I'm glad you broke in the blazer it needed a lovin. Patter's we need to have lunch this week call me and let me know when you can do it, I miss you!!!!

Lyner said...

Yeah that was a lot of fun. So it wasn't just young women, there were only two, but that is okay it is easier to say. Those are fun pictures! I loved your fishing outfit...but I loved your MODEST swimming suit more :)


Brett and Tiffany said...

Ward campouts are great! I just looked at your lagoon pics and can't believe you and Sheri did the catapult guys must be nuts or I must be a chicken! I have been to lagoon TONS of times and never got on that thing!