Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bathing the Boy

Baby gets a bath every night before bed. They say having a routine really helps the baby go to sleep. They don’t mention it really helps mom keep her marbles. Since Kole has started bath time he has screamed through it. I was chalking it up to the first time I put him in there he went under. It was an accident. He’s got a little tub that goes in the sink and I had it full and was soaping him up and he got mighty slippery and went under. No harm done. He was pretty scared- but survived! Cut me some slack. I’m new at this. I figured he had lost bath-time trust in me and that’s why he screamed all the time. Krissy came over this week and spent the night and when I was getting Kole’s bath ready I was telling her how much he hates having a bath. Being an experienced mom, she thought this was fishy. After feeling the bath water she informed me that he screamed because I was basically dipping him in lava. The water was way too hot for a baby. I thought it felt great. She did up a new bath and wouldn’t you know it Kole loves bath time. I can’t ever get him to get out. He insists on staying in until he’s pruned.

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Karlenn said...

I think this is so funny, Patster. I'm glad Krissy got to the bottom of the bathtime mystery! I just got a bath thingey for my little man tonight. I'm relieved. Babies are SLIPPERY.