Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

That’s the old adage and the advice I got nearly 800 times once I delivered the little man cub. “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” It makes sense and with 2 and a half weeks of experience I can testify it is not hard to do. When the baby sleeps I am most definitely asleep. I couldn’t stay awake if I tried. His days and nights are off and so are mine. Big whoop. We’ve (meaning I’ve) adjusted. Him and I don’t have any place to be the next day so who cares if we stay up until 2 AM and then sleep the afternoon away. Not I said the mamma.

To this adage I wish to add my own:
Sleep when the baby sleeps.
Cry when the baby cries.

I had heard of the Baby Blues. However, before bearing a child never understood why someone would be sad about a perfect, beautiful, sweet smelling (when clean and changed) baby. As it turns out you’re not sad about your baby at all. Sure looking at the baby can trigger the tears but so can looking at the jar of jam you took out to put on your toast.
Last week Ken came home from work and he offered to go get some ice cream. I cried. For like 20 minutes. A few days ago I went with the baby and sat outside around 9ish when it had cooled off a bit. I noticed some yard tools that had been left out from before the baby was born. I lost it. Cried and cried and cried. Another time I had just bathed, fed, diapered, and cuddled Kole. His little lip started shivering. I started to sing a song from 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Kole kept his composure and I lost mine. What am I crying about though? How are all of these linked? Why won’t it stop?
The phone will ring and I see who is calling and I immediately get a lump in my throat. I want to talk. I do. I want to share what is happening. You are my friend. But I can’t. I’m too much of a crybaby.
It’s really hard convincing Ken (or anyone) that I am happy and love the baby when I am saying it all through sobs.
Send in the clowns. It feels like we’ll be here for a while.
On second thought- don't. I can't handle any visitors.


Chris-baby + Jules-a-bug said...

This is exactly what my "Cue the Harmonica" post was about. It has been thunderstorming every night here. Rain rain rain. Chris says the earth is taking a nice shower, I say it is crying. Most likely, just had a baby. Hang in there, sister...soon, you'll be unstoppable again.

Anonymous said...

I hate the baby blues! I had it really bad with Brynnan and now I think I'll forever be on meds. I didn't even think of it happening this time around, but the dumbest things set me off too. I hope it gets better soon!

Karlenn said...

Ugh, newborn time is worse than pregnancy. Always. You will start to feel more yourself really soon, Patters. I need to know which song from Seven Brides you sang. "Bless Your Beautiful Hide"??? :)