Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alive and Well

Have I told you we're moving?
Or having a huge yard sale?
Or celebrating my entrance into the late twenties of my life?
Or raising a baby?
Or moving?

Yeah.  All those a happening.  And my leetle blog has plummeted to the bottom of my priority list.  My blog stats have followed suit.  *frowny face*  But I think of you guys everyday.  I wonder how Wallene is enjoying summer break and if Ru and Spence are getting enough quality time together.  Or if he is potty trained yet.  I think about all the Poulsen's and figure they are having one family reunion or party after the other.  And Chris and Court in Georgia... are you guys ok?  I think of my sisters everyday and KNOW they are thriving.  It's in their blood.  I think about Rory the Scot and wonder if his hand is better and what the heck happened to it anyway?  I think of my old youth leaders and their families and all the summer fun they are planning.  I think of my neighbors whose blogs I read and how much I'm going to miss them in person. Even if I don't see them that much now.
I think of you blog world people.  A lot.
You are all in my thoughts (and sometimes my prayers).
Keep me in yours these next few weeks.

We'll be back to normal in no time.


SkippyMom said...

What's normal? heehee - we have missed you, but are cheering you on from here for the move and that everything goes well.

We'll be here when you come back - have fun, be safe and we'll see you on the flipside :D

Julia said...

Catchya on the flip-side Patty Pat.

Ru said...

:) Plenty of qualitay time for Ru and Spence, but he's not house trained just yet. Doing well overall, but he had a monstrous accident last night. Poop Ninja strikes again.

Poulsen Family said...

Moving . . . does that mean the house is sold?!
What a sweet blogger you are, to think of all your fellow bloggers.
We are currently in Kansas but in just a short three weeks will be back in Utah.
Best of luck with the packing and move. I feel for you.

DoublClik said...

Ha, well what a nice little shout out there! lov to mi pats!