Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Haven't You?

Enter Andi Girl's Give Away, will you?
It's a GIVE away.... meaning free.... as in no cost.  So to break it down:  If you had $10 in your wallet you could essentially go enter this giveaway, still have $10 in your wallet, AND be that much closer to winning!
She's amazingly gifted.
And it's fun for her.
And it'll help build her talents.
And she'll knock your socks off.

Come on.  I know you want to. 
Don't let me down homies.
Click here.
Enter there.
Be happy.

Isn't she pretty?


SkippyMom said...

That is a NEAT give away. I would enter but I don't have any really good hi res pics to redo. Still, it is tempting. The woman has a lot of talent.

DoublClik said...

That's so nice of you Pat! Send them on over! Thanks! And hey no one let a high res pic stop you! Any shot will do! You can follow the blog for an extra entry, or join the fanfare on Facebook!