Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elle. Ey. Zee. Why.

You know, before Kole goes down for his (now only) nap of the day I reach my peak of energy.  While doing a last diaper change and helping him put his books back on the shelf- my mind is thinking of all the things I am going to do while he is sleeping:
  1. Put something in the crock pot for dinner.
  2. Load/unload the dishwasher.
  3. Haul those 4 bushels of clean clothes upstairs.
  4. And put them away.
  5. Write a charming and witty blog post.
  6. Shower?  (eh... maybe.)
  7. Get that upstairs toilet scrubbed.  I hate vomiting into a disgusting toilet.  I'd rather it be sparkly and bleach-y smelling.
  8. Lose the ring around the tub.  One baby leaves quite a mark.
  9. Haul those stinky "PU" diapers outside.  A must.
  10. Address my Christmas cards.
  11. Make sugar cookies!  With frosting and sprinkles.
  12. Have a snack... Nachos... with a side of egg salad sandwiches on those mini Hawaiian rolls.  And a pickle.
  13. Shop online and pretend I have all the money in the world.
  14. Call Natsmo.
  15. Sign the Christmas cards.
  16. Write thank you notes.
  17. Dust my hall bookcases.  It's getting gross.
  18. Clean out under the bathroom sink.
  19. Catch up on some "Glee."
  20. Wrap Ken's presents.
  21. Learn to knit.
  22. Get around to the second journal entry for the new baby.  Totally neglected.
  23. Get dressed and fix my wretched hair.
  24. Think of and create a Christmas craft for all my neighbors that have been dropping off yule tide cheer.
  25. Finish the lame book I am reading so I can finally start a good one.  Seriously- 2 duds in a row.
  26. Upload all the pictures off my camera and categorize them online.
The list is endless and I am on a buzzy high all excited about my own "me" time coming up.  I lay Koley down, no tears, no fuss.  I shut his door.  Pick up the pail of diapers, take it to the dumpster- and I am worn out. 
I go up to my room.
Turn off my phone.
Shut the blinds.
And lay down.

I'm out.

2 hours later, Kole's up... and.... the only word I can think of to describe what happened is "lazy."

And then I think "pregnancy" and give myself a break.


Brett and Tiffany said...

Nachos...that is a delightful snack! Hey, I have an idea...put Kole in the car, drive to Idaho while he is napping, and have nachos with ME!
ps...I need your mailing address to send you our Christmas card. Will you email it to me?

Julia said...

That is a long list! I'd be ready for a nap after MAKING that list. Yeeeeesh. And nachos. I ALWAYS forget about nachos. yum

SkippyMom said...

I saw your list and thought "I would be taking a nap." And I did when the kids were little and sleeping. My Mom always said "When the baby[ies] sleep so do you."

Then I read your ending and thought "Good!"

And why do have learning to knit on the list?? I chuckled - that belongs on another list, not one that includes "Clean the toilet." heehee

I do understand tho' that the tutorials on YouTube are awesome to teach people how to knit and crochet. :D

Poulsen Family said...

The whole time I was reading your list I thought "wow, she is one ambitious pregnant woman!"
So grateful WHEN I am pregnant again I won't be the only one napping while my child is!

Julianna said...

No fair! You copied my list!

But I'm not pregers and I still didn't get anything done.

Hope you enjoyed your nap.

Kar said...

Yeah, you're not lazy. You're pregnant. Enjoy that daily nap. You deserve it. And you're busy creating the baby's fingernails or something right now - that's hard work.