Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Family Christmas Picture

We tried to leave our ward Christmas party before Santa came.  I wasn't feeling particularly well, Ken had homework, and Kole was ready for a nap.  On the way to the door a lady grabbed us and asked if we were leaving.  "Yup!," I responded, "The party was great.  Thank you." 
"Well, just come in here one minute."
We were trapped.
There was Santa, The Mrs., and 2 merry elves waiting in a little room for... us!
Ken immediately said, "No way.  We're leaving."
"Yeah," I agreed with a smile to the crowd, "Kole's too young this year."
But this was a very pushy group of Kringles.
Santa reached for Kole which started him into hysterics.  Ken took Kole back as we tried again to decline and reached for our coats... but the photographer shut the door and ominously announced, "Every one gets their picture with Santa."
Mrs. Claus tried giving Koley a toy.  More crying.
The elves made funny faces.  Crying peaks.
Santa told me to sit on his lap.  I wanted to cry.
I absolutely hate the idea of adults sitting on Santa's lap. It's wrong. And uncomfortable. And this Santa smelled a little like moldy cheese.

Mrs. Claus told Ken to sit on her lap.  I don't think he even gave a response.  He just remained standing as if she didn't say anything.
And on the count of three....
a Poulsen Christmas classic was captured.
It's timeless.

I love that me and one of the elves are the only ones smiling at the camera.  Santa looks like he is going to smack Kole.  And the little elf... just staring at that poor crying baby wondering how he got ringed into dressing up to hear babies cry.  And, my favorite, Ken's face.  When we got in the car he said, "That was photo rape."


Julia said...

Can you click on the picture and make it extra large? I am in hysterics right now and I want to see all of these smirks in detail! Sooooo funny!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

hahaha Well at least you got the picture right? For the memory at least. :) and it certainly doesn't hurt that you look so so cute!

Julianna said...

My kids HATED santa's lap.


I think I have two pictures, both screaming and reaching for the camera.

Kar said...

Hahahahaha! Oh my GOSH. Weird. And uncomfortable. Good for Ken for totally ignoring Mrs. Santa.

Brett and Tiffany said...

Oh, that is too funny~ sorry it probably wasn't funny when it happened, but it is making me laugh! Some day you will look at that picture and laugh at that moment...even Ken!

DoublClik said...

*cracking up in my office, I can feel the stares*