Monday, September 10, 2012

Reasons to Go to the Gym

Ken signed us up for a Gym Membership.  Couple things here.
First, did I correctly capitalize that? "G"ym "M"embership?  I gets a little caps crazy.  But it does seem title worthy.
Real First.
I'm not obsessive about weight.  At all.  It's a number and it means nothing.  When I lived in Europe I learned the key to looking good is to simply wear your size.  Nothing tight and nothing baggy and you'll look fantastic.  Sorta been my motto.  Something to stand firmly by when I tell a size 0, 95 pound trainer... that I am a size 12 and weigh 167.  I say it with no guilt and no shame.  Not quite proudly... but I'm not embarrassed.
And I get an opened mouth look.
A look I have never known how to interpret.

I am my same "pre-baby weight."  Which also means nothing.  Because, for those of you who haven't had kids, you can be that same weight you were pre-child and look totally different.  For those of you who have had kids... quit hating.  I just lucked out.  And am married to someone who was obsessively strict about what I ate when I was pregnant.
Words to describe how I look: Saggy.  Droopy.  Downwardly.  Slack.  Floppy.  Baggy. My boobs are there but not perky like when I was 20. or 21.  or 22.  or any age before I had Kole.  (< 26).  And my butt?  Hangs out with the back of my knees.  Even my arms have become...dangle-y.
I realize these problems can be solved with a new bra, some Spanx, and a tanning pass.  That's my normal go-to.  (Add whitening strips to the mix.)  But a nice new bra would get ruined (and stinky) from breast milk and I tried to get my Spanx on.  *sigh* They aren't going past my knees.  I can't justify paying for a tanning pass when it's still sunny and hot here.  But the double down side it my Jergens Natural Glow just ran out.
Dead end.  Dead end.  Dead end.
Then Ken comes home with this Gym Pass.  (<--- Caps again. ??)
Therein lies my salvation.
Generally I would label myself as a Non-Gym Rat.  I don't like gyms all that much.   Or should I say I don't like gyms much at all. Mostly because I sign up, pay the fee, and then don't go and I feel like I wasted my money.
I've been going everyday for a week.
Minus the one day I didn't go.
After going once, and realizing confirming that "It is true.  I don't like to work out"  I have still kept going for 2 reasons.
1.  No kids are allowed at the Gym.
2.  Every machine has its own TV.

Who WOULDN'T go work out?

When I come home Ken asks what I did.  Elliptical.
How far did you go?  Hmmm.  I don't know.
How many calories did you burn?  Oh! I don't know.
Were you in your target heart rate?  Beats me.  Did you know Kourtney wants to have a water birth?
Is Kourtney someone you met at the Gym today?  No.  She's one of the Kardashians.  That's what I watch when I go.

And poor Khloe had to go and watch a real water birth with Kourtney.  Psht.  Tough stuff.
Ken says I should go and focus on my long term goals.


Goals like buy my own TV so I can watch it at home without putting on work out clothes?
Good goal.

(I am down 3 pounds in one week.  Something is working.  Oh!  ME!  I'm working...out.)


Chris Loves Julia said...

Honestly, I am so jealous right now. I have been wanting a gym membership for 2 years!! But Chris keeps telling me (and I keep telling myself) I'm going to get pregnant and then I won't work out while pregnant. it has been two years and I am still not pregnant and I still haven't hit a gym. Working out to DVDs just aren't as fun...because, again, I don't get to catch up on celeb gossip!

vicks27 said...

Good for you! Working out and staying motivated is hard. You just have to find something you really LIKE, and don't get lost too much in the details. One time, Julie told me, "Just get out of breath and sweaty for 30 minutes a day." Easy. And don't worry about the poundage or the size. Just keep telling yourself that this is for your health, that this is your "me" time, and that you'll really enjoy the high afterward. That's what I do!

Angela said...

I love your honesty Patty. It is refreshing. As for the gym membership I never thought I would be a Gym goer either but I have realized/confirmed that exercising is what keeps me sane, happy, motivated and yes feeling good about the way I look. Keep going eventually you find you don't want to miss your time at the gym. I even get up at 4:50 am to go to the Gym so I can workout and get home before the kids are awake. It and scripture study are the best way to start my day. Good luck and keep going.

Juli said...

And this was the original reason I started walking/running. Then the boys realized it was more fun to go WITH me... and I hate to admit that they are right, it is more fun.

But for a while there... it was great ME time (And yes, ME time gets capitalized.)

Kar said...

Oh, that Kenner of yours. He makes me chuckle. And I have always adored you for the fact that you don't give a rat's arse about working out. You don't obsess about it. Like when you took up yoga. You didn't start it because you wanted to be a size 0. You wanted to feel peaceful. Loooove that about you. The ONLY reason I work out is for the endorphins. Only. Reason.

Anonymous said...

Those individual TVs are spectacular aren't they?