Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Am I Missing Here?

I watched The Artist last night.  
(Look at me!  Putting the kidlets to bed and enjoying a night in front of the TV.)
I was in the mood for something... artsy.  And with the given title and the Academy Award backing it up I felt confident it would be golden.
I was let down.
Was I missing something?
I like to think of myself as an Intellectual.  A Renaissance Woman.  Some call me a Brainiac.
Fans.  I'm only repeating what they have said.
So being the Deep Thinker that I am I felt like this movie should have spoke to me and my sagacity.
Eh eh.
Sure, I enjoyed it.
But I didn't "Picture of the Year" enjoy it.
I wasn't moved to make changes in my life or to treat people people or to donate to ASPCA.
I wasn't even moved to watch more black and white movies or listen to 1320 AM.
I was just moved to return it to the RedBox and hope it returned my $1.28.

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DoublClik said...

The Artist stole my heart away and kicked The Notebook out of my top 5. It's the trump card. Le creme de la creme.

You see, it's a silent film, don't think your DVD was scratched

Chris Loves Julia said...

I'm with Andi! We loved it. I cried at the end and Chris was fighting the tears back. I felt super moved by it. Hmm.

Patty said...

You guys are KIDDING me!
Andi- Clever. Very Clever.
Jules- Crying over what???

Kar said...

My mom and I watched it together. I liked it because it was eye candy. The costumes, the gorgeous Frenchies that played the main roles, the history of "talkies" - those things were all fun. But no, it didn't touch me on a deeper level at all. I kept waiting for something more.

Juli said...

See, and I have no desire to watch it at all.

We could totally be best movie buddies.

vicks27 said...

I loved it, and then I took GRANDMA to go see it. The only part I didn't like was when he was having the dream that he could hear sound, and that freaked him out. Because, c'mon, isn't the premise of the movie based on the fact that his world DOES have sound in it, and we just can't hear it? Artfully done, I thought.

Andi, I'm glad this movie knocked "The Notebook" down for you. "The Notebook" should be in a category all its own, of guilty pleasures, and does not belong among the ranks of Academy Award winners.