Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not a Good Week To Be My Kid

Before I started laying down the hard law on these 2 kiddos.... they had a couple... accidents.
As if the confidence I had in my Motherhood wasn't dwindling enough right?

First.  Joey.
I was carrying him downstairs to make breakfast and I fell.
Down 5 steps. 
I was on my back and sliding and the baby came with me.
I swore (The "S"-word.) as I saw and heard Joey's neck bounce off his arm pit.
I was pretty sure I killed him.
He cried for like... an hour.
Nothing was injured.  I checked over and over and over again.  I didn't even take him in.
He was just really shaken up.
I got a couple bruises on my legs and back and right forearm.

Second.  Kole.
I was in his room nursing Joey. 
Kole was turning his fan on and off.
I tried getting him to play with something else.
Not working.
Then he unplugged his fan.
Playing with outlets isn't something kids should do.
It's not something anyone should do.
I stuck a wet paperclip into a light switch once and it knocked me clear over!
So, obviously, I immediately told Kole to stop and I stood up to go over to him to make him stop.
Not quick enough.
He put the plug in his mouth...
Oh the tears.
He wasn't hurt.
He was shocked.
And shocked.
Shocked by his shocking.
Shocked by his shocking shocking.
That's kinda a funny word when you think about/look at it.
He kept holding up his fingers and looking at them.  As if he was surprised they were still there and looked normal.  Instead of black and shriveled.  Like Dumbledore's in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. 
I bet Kole's blood was just zooming through his veins.
He kept asking, "What happened?  What happened?"
I explained that he got shocked and that's what happens when you touch plugs.

And then a light dawned on me....
"You can also get shocked if you jump on the couch, or smack the baby, or don't listen to Mommy."
He looked at me with his eyes real big and nodded.  Knowingly.

You gotta look for that silver lining.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're all ok!! Silver lining is good:) Good luck with it!

Kar said...

Hahaha! Good for you, Pats. These things happen all the time. Good thing kids are so resiliant. Gage fell right on his face on the sidewalk this morning. If I fell right on my face, I'd be on the couch the rest of the day. But he was up and at 'em within minutes.

Juli said...

I just love you.

That is all. :)

(And I'm totally loving this new look you've got going here!)

Patty said...

Thanks Juli. You always make me feel more like... me.

Anonymous said...

I did that kind of thing as a kid. No lasting effects other than patterns the occasional word odd and some twitching.

Michelle said...

I accidentally tossed my baby daughter over my in, I was thinking I would catch her on my shoulder as usual, but instead, she went right over me and landed in the grass behind me. On her face. I picked her up and her nose was bleeding and which made me think she had a terrible head injury. She didn't, she was totally fine, and it's a funny story now, but at the time, not at all funny.

Joanne said...

"You can also get shocked if you jump on the couch, or smack the baby, or don't listen to Mommy."

I love that last little lesson there...gotta pounce on those whenever you can
Blessings, Joanne

Chippy said...

My mum once fell down the stairs like you did with my brother in her arms.

All my brother could say about it when they got to the bottom was 'Again! Again!'

Stopping by on the Post A To Z Road Trip :)