Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Happy Time in Life

1.  Joey is only waking up once during the night.  What the?  When the?  How the?  Beats me and I don't even friggin care at all.  It happened and I am beyond relieved.  I wake up feeling like I can't move I've been sleeping so long.  (<---- 4 hours)

2.  While cutting through what appears to be Devil's Snare trying to get rid of all the dead over growth in my new (really old really overgrown ) backyard I continue to find gems.  And score a little late fall sun.  Aside from the usual gemmies of snakes and empty Gatorade bottles and Walmart bags... I've unearthed a climbing rose bush, purple cone flowers, lilac starts, and a stable!  Okay... the stable wasn't exactly hidden.  But it was back in The Forbidden Pasture.  Which isn't at all verboten.  It's just scary going back there by myself.  You know.  There's.  Like.  Animals back there.  But that little stable is darling enough for me to clean out and make it a club house.

3.  My sister, Teener Weiner, came and spent the night last week and left 4 miniature pints of ice cream.  She was here Thursday.  Just found them today.  Gotta open my freezer more.

4.  I taught Kole how to give Nuggy Noses.  (Learning the alphabet and how to count to 10 can wait.) All on his own he decided that during the giving of a Nuggy Nose it is best to say, "Chuggy, Chuggy, Chuggy." *shakes head, shrugs, smiles*

5.  I carved a jack-o-lantern this year for the first time in many many moons.  The downside is that crap on the inside of pumpkins still makes me itchy.

6.  We bought ourselves flannel sheets for our anniversary.  Oh.  Em.  Gee.  It's like a new bed.  With a radiator built in.  Love it.

7.  I just finished reading The Joy Luck Club.  It was an excellent read.  There was a lot of those Chinese zingers.  You know those one liners where every word has a double meaning and it is deep stuff.  Loved that.  Loving the Chinese culture a little more.  I'm not about to hang swords on the wall or get a tattoo or anything.  But I will recommend The Joy Luck Club.  It says in there that Magpies are considered good luck.  Well guess who has a yard full of Magpies?  Little ol' me.

8.  I signed up for the paper.  I get The Trib.  Man, it makes me feel like an adult.  Reading the paper in the morning while I eat my Cinnamon Toast Crunch. 
Kole checkin out the Toys R Us ads.  Sitting in a chair he invented himself.

9.  If you put enchilada sauce on top of your homemade nachos (you know chips with grated cheese on top- pop in the microwave for 23 seconds)... you'll never go back.  It's like scraping your dish at the end of a good Mexican meal.  A little secret I learned from Table Magazine.

 10.  My mug collection is really taking off.



Brett and Tiffany said...

Cute jack-o-lantern! Oooh, a new way to make nachos! Sounds yummy! How 'bout I come to your house for nachos! :)

Brett and Tiffany said...

oh, ps...don't you love having your own home that you can do whatever you want with! Sounds like you are finding lots of fun things in your yard! Can't wait to see the club house!

Juli said...

Love this post. Seems like things are getting back to your new normal. :)

I made a club house for the kids from the old garden shed out back. That got old, so we are currently converting the upstairs of the garage... it's a project in itself.

Kar said...

Joey is growing so quickly!!! And congrats on the flower finds. How fun!