Monday, October 1, 2012

Being Greeted.

My local Walmart has two greeters.  They both work the same door (the grocery side) at different times.  They are not good at their job.  First, I can't figure out why Walmart has greeters.  Am I the only one who is uncomfortable around them?  I never know if I should make eye contact.  Does that initiate a "stop and chat?"  They are wearing a name tag.  Should I introduce myself?  Part of my goals from my birthday.... yeah... I set my goals from my birthday.  It's more my year that way.  Part of my goals was to be more open and friendly.  Walmart greeters should be good practice.
One guy, I'll call him Larry.  Is super tall.  I mean, taller than my Dad.  He's probably in his late 70s early 80s.  And for the first...oh I don't know... 45 times I went in and he was there...I nodded at him or said hello or waved.... he PURPOSELY looked at something else.  Um.  Hi.  Your job is to greet ME.  Not the other way around.  I'm stepping out of my comfort zone here can I at least get an eyebrow raise and a half nod my way?  It'd help.  So, this one time I went in... I waved and said, "Hey, Larry!"  and if wasn't all candied pecans and jello jigglers after that.  Now he sees me coming and pulls a cart out for me.  Asks how the little ones are doing.  Asks what I'm running in for.  Sometimes he touches my shoulder.  Eh.  That's a little too much.  Kinda get a little cringe-y there.  But I cracked him.  But it makes me wonder about all the other people who head into Walmart and instead of feeling welcomed by Larry... run past because they haven't broken that barrier yet.
The other guy... we'll call him Mike.  He's impossible.  First.  He's in a wheelchair.  So.  That's awkward for me.  Probably because I can walk and he's always pissed off.  If he looks at you he is scowling.  And, deep down, I've always figured people in wheelchairs really hate people not in wheelchairs even if they put on the whole "Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" facade.  But this guy, is open about it.  I've tried smiling at him a few times.  Not a good move.  I think he wanted to charge me with his wheelchair.  I mean to him, maybe he is thinking, like, "She's just smiling at me because I'm in a wheelchair and she's trying to make me feel better.  Like a smile can somehow make me walk again."  When really... I'm just doing it because One, I'm scared of him.  Two, It was a goal of mine.  And Three, don't we all try to go out of our way for the disabled?  It would be really cool if Walmart hired a handicapped person and they were really outgoing and fun and said hi to everyone.  I think it would break down some real social barriers.  But to hire a scrooge?  In a wheelchair? (Which I am not against or prejudice towards.... at all... I just think he is going to use his hellacious set of wheels as a weapon.)When I already don't know what to say or how to act or where to look?
What were they thinking?


Juli said...

One of our Walmart greeters is also in a wheelchair. He's in his early 20's and has fantastic hair.

I told him so.

He loves me now. And I believe they've moved him over to cashier.

Chris Loves Julia said...

We have one really tall greeter, too! He's from India and greets the heck out of us. "Hello! Hi there you guys!" And waves and waves. I guess you win some. You lose some.

Jeremy Bates said...

I always mess with the greeters at Wally World. Although I haven't been there in over a year, they know me because I am always pranking them (their job is boring).

Greeters also handle the alarm that goes off that signals a possible theft, but I think you know that.

Next time gramps puts his hand on your shoulder, tell him you have scabies, then smile.


Michelle said...

I just was informed (by my husband who was reading what I considered a very boring magazine) that the greeters deter shoplifters. I really thought they were there so I could have some awkward chitchat with a very strained smile and shifty eyes.

Kar said...

Hahaha! This post made me laugh so hard. I'll bet you cracked Larry because you used his name. Using peoples' names really is a game changer.

Anonymous said...

I second what Kar said, but sometimes using their name disarms the situation, and others it freaks them out.