Monday, October 22, 2012


It's been 7 years today since me and the Kenmo tied the knot.  I'm really proud of that.
There have been sunny times and rainy seasons.  And a couple friggin' tornadoes.
There have been peaks and there have been valleys.  And a chasm here and there.
It's been a marriage.
A good one.  Where we have to work things out.  And talk through things we'd rather push under the rug.  And sometimes I did slash do push them under the rug... until Ken hangs up a bathroom towel wrong and I explode all over him.
Hmph.  It's a marriage.

I'm not going to go into the rough times make the good times better.  Because our rough times never made our good times better.  They just made the good times further apart!  Wert!  The rough times have made me a more compassionate partner though.  Those are the times when I grit my teeth (or bite my tongue or turn the other cheek) and decide whether or not I'm going to stick it out.  I decided seven years ago I would.  Ken tries his damn-dest to make it easy for me.
I'll admit some of the newlywed-iness has worn off and when I see Vicky and Jenn I miss that period (or maybe I just miss life before kids.)
But there is such a confident comfort in our marriage than I depend on and love.
The white hot passion has turned down to a burning red... sometimes I mild orange... occasionally a pale yellow.  But it's still there.
We have each other for better and for worse.
Which I think is pretty good.
He makes me better.  

Post Script:  I asked Ken if he thought he'd get the 7 Year Itch.  He didn't know what that was.  After I explained it to him I asked again.  His response, "Yeah.  I'm feeling pretty itchy."


Chris Loves Julia said...

"wert!" Hahahaha. Happy Anniversary you two! Life is good...even if it does seem greener before kids (do people even realize the freedom?!) it is so so sweet for you now. I can't believe it has been 7 years. So happy for you.

Juli said...

The white hot passion has turned down to a burning red... sometimes I mild orange... occasionally a pale yellow.

HA!! sometimes I think ours is a teeny tiny smoldering ember buried beneath the piles of laundry and bills to be paid, gasping for air to reignite it's flame.

Which of course, it does eventually due to my nagging and anal retentiveness for things being disorderly.... only to be buried again under his collection of sports cards and the Kids IEP paperwork.


You said it well... it's a marriage.

Juli said...

OH! I forgot to say CONGRATS!

Beth Willmore said...

Oh my heck that's funny! we had our 9th anniversary in August and Jared said, "Oh crap! I forgot to have my 7 year itch! When is the next time increment that it comes up again so I can scratch it!" Sometimes you just need to give them a good swift kick in the balls to restore balance and order in the home!

I loved the white hot passion part, that is 117% TRUE of all marriages I think! (It's the kids that do you in for a while I think!)

Congrats you guys! Your wedding picture is beautiful by the way!

Kar said...

Haha! He's such a punk! :) Congrats on reaching year seven, Pats!!

Brett and Tiffany said...

Happy anniversary! Glad you are part of the family! With kids you really have to put more effort into keeping that love alive, but it is definitely worth it and makes you appreciate the "couple time" even more! Get a babysitter and go on a date! :)