Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He Proposed.... Wha?!

I was getting ready to fly to Pittsburgh one week before my birthday to see all of my family for a sort of reunion. I don't want to say "family reunion" because it's different than reunions here. Yes, we are all together. Yes, there are some activities. Yes, it's fun. But- there are no T-Shirts. There is a TON of alcohol. There is good Italian food all day long especially if you're bunking with Grandma. We rent three houses and play Bocce a lot. There is no schedule. There is a party every night. The parties usually have a theme. It's different. I digress. I was going to Pittsburgh.

My mom had told me I couldn't go unless I bought a one piece bathing suit. Back then I was slim enough to wear a two-piece. A tankini. I think those are the cutest thing ever. Anyway I wasn't allowed to go unless I had a one-piece. I know. Lame dash O.
So, Friday night, me and Ken were going out as only little love birds do. I was going to meet him at work. (At the time Ken sold cars at Outfitter's.) So I pulled up and Ken had this mean and tired look on his face. I, being the super sweet (somewhat naive) girlfriend I was coddled him and pampered him. (Not knowing it was leading to a life-long habit of such behavior.) Ken said he had a headache and thought maybe we should go for a walk before we went to dinner. That way he could blow off some steam and stress. So we drove over to Freeman Park by ISU. Ken opened my door (hasn't since) and then reached into the backseat and got this box out. I was so excited! In my head I thought- He got me that bathing suit I wanted out of the J. Crew catalog! YAY! We walked down and sat in the grass and Ken started talking as if there wasn't a present in front of me totally distracting me. I wish I hadn't been so distracted by that gift because Ken was most likely being really romantic.

When I zoned back into the conversation Ken was telling me he got me and early birthday present (my birthday was about 10 days away). He handed me the box. Which I tore through to find yet another box. What da heck? I opened that to find ANOTHER! After 5 boxes- it still hadn't clicked how small and jewelry like the boxes were getting. All I was thinking was How did he fit a bathing suit in this little box? When I opened the final wrappings there was a white leather case. It had a little card on it. I opened the card and it said, "Will You?" I looked at Ken TOTALLY shocked. "Are you serious?," I asked. "Open that box and see."

I did.

He was.
Never saw THAT one coming.


Poulsen Family said...

It has been fun to read about how you met, your dates, etc. Quite fitting for Valentine's week!

Karlenn said...

So cute. And cool that it was a complete surprise. I love tankinis, too. But sometimes my fat belly sneaks out in that teeny little spot between bottoms and top. So I need to go for the one-piece action.

Lyner said...

Ohhh... that is fun! I love the ring! Love that it was a suprise! Oh and thanks for lunch! Lets get together again (not so you can pay for me...more like I want to talk to you more!)

Natalie said...

Patty you need to write a book you are so good with words, I feel like I am hearing it for the first time, I get so excited to hear whats next, or what he did, when I already know, silly me!!! Ken is a keeper :)

The Empey Fam! said...

SOOOOO FLIPPIN CUTE!! I love it!! Those were so fun to read!!! I love it so obnoxiously adorable!! Can't wait fo rthe next chapter... "We multiply..." hehe

Anonymous said...

Another fun story!!:) What a cute way to propose! I think it's funny how you thought it was a bathing suit the whole time! Hehe:)