Thursday, February 5, 2009

We Met

Ken and I met in Art 101 at Idaho State University in January of 2005.
My boss at the time, John O., told me to sit next to boys in class so I would work harder and get better grades to impress such boy. Well, I got there 10 minutes early and the only boy was named Zac Bitsoi. He was about to turn 19 but looked about 11. But, he was the only boy and I always follow orders. So him and I started talking. Really it was more me talking and asking question after question after question trying to get more than a word at a time out of him.
As it got closer to 7 more and more kids came in. One time I looked back and saw this guy walking down to the row in front of me. (He was cute.) I kept talking to Zack, really grateful he was there all of the sudden. Zack and I were both turning in our mission papers the following Sunday so that conversation was going back in forth when cute-mystery-man turned around (to reveal that he was actually gorgeous and not just cute) and started telling us that he got back from his mission a little over a year ago and what a great decision to serve. At first, although I was really really happy to look at his greek-god-like face I was a little taken back by his openness. I was thinking, "As hot as you are- we were having a conversation here. One that you were not a part of." I smiled kind of rudely and continued my conversation with Zack. A few minutes later Mr. Hotty Totty turned around and introduced himself as Ken Poulsen. Persistent. Our class was only 20 minutes or so. The teacher reviewed the syllabus and we all went home. I tried not to think of Ken Poulsen but couldn't help myself. I was overly excited to go to class the following Thursday night.
When Thursday came around I dressed up. I figured I was ready to grab this bull by the horns! I was going to lasso in this Ken Poulsen. Little did I know he had the same plan.
Me and Zack were sitting there talking and Ken walked in and came and sat in the chair right next to me and asked if I would mind if he sat close to me. Nope. Him and I talked for awhile. I told him I worked at the Circle of Love and he told me he was a mechanic. Bingo! Mechanic! "Um... so you work on cars?"


"Mine is making a really funny noise. I don't know a lot about cars but something doesn't seem right. It's a stick shift and I am new to driving stick too. Would you mind looking at it?"
Cue Patty batting her sparkly eyes and showing off dimple on chin. Ken melts.

"Sure. I'll take a look after class."

It remains a mystery to this day whether or not something really was wrong with my car. I can vouch for there being a strange noise. Ken says it's because I was so bad at driving stick.

Back to story.
After class Ken walks me to my car and starts it up no problem at all. He looked at me and smiled as if to say, "You little stinker." I laughed and said, "You have to drive it to hear it." So, Ken scooted into the passenger seat and I (sheepishly) took the drivers seat and followed Ken's driving instructions.
Turn left here.
Put it back to third for a second.
Go right.
Keep going straight through the light.
Now left.
When I looked around we were at Sol Rio. I looked at Ken who said, "Hungry?"


That was date number one.


Lyner said...

OHHH! I love it! I want to meet someone like that! All the boys are lame here! They expect me to make them food and then try to make out...I don't think so :)Maybe I should move!

johnandjana said...

I'd say that Ken came from the same blood as my Johnny. He was a fast mover and very confident. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Karlenn said...

Oh my gosh!! I love the end to that story, the thing about having you drive to Sol Rio. How cute. Lindsey's comment cracks me up. It's sooooo true. Ben was bold, too. I should write our leetle story. But I need to stop copying post ideas from you!!

The Empey Fam! said...

oh cute!!! Thats adorable!

Brett and Tiffany said...

I love how you guys met! It is fun to hear about! You always have great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great story!! I too love the end with the date at Sol Rio! LOL I wouldn't have pictured Ken like that though, he seems so quiet.