Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Birds and Beasts Were There

Being born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA I had no idea that there were still fairs. I thought fairs were from a previous generation. A Charlotte's Web generation. So when I married Ken and "Fair Time" came around I was in for quite the sugary treat. I was hooked from the first time we went and saw the animals.
When we were little there was a park about 15 minutes away from our house called Round Hill Park. It was a Sunday afternoon outing for my mom to take me and my sisters there. She would have us wear our dresses (big-time Sunday rule) and bring our journals (big-time Sunday rule). There were 4 or 5 towering old red barns. They each housed different animals. Sheep, cows, horses, pigs, and then chickens and bunnies shared one. I remember one time there were little lambs there and we got to feed them a bottle. It was incredible. So, on these Sundays, we would walk around and look at all the animals and then go sit by the lake and write in our journals.
I've loved farm animals ever since.
I've gone to the fair and done the rides, and done the commercial booths, and done the games, and done the drawings. That's the minor leagues. Now I go and spend nearly all my time in the smelly barns. Admiring the animals. I love the littler kids that are around the barns. Their faces are sparkling with pride. And they ought to be. This year's animals were fantastic.

Momma Cow and Baby Cows... and a cow wearing a pink shirt. Some camera angles.... ouch.

his sheep kept eating garbage. But look at that thick thick wool. Ready for winter!

This beast is mine! Hands off!

These goats were so funny. I'd tell them I was going to take their picture and I could swear they would pose when I counted to three.

Then this little guy looked like he was going to walk right over the fence. He just put his hooves in grid by grid and would rest them over the top. I thought him and Rusty would make pretty good friends.

There was a free petting zoo at the fair too! It was free! If you wanted to feed the little critters it was 25 cents for like a sacrament cup of food. But we hawked up the 50 cents and fed all the animals that no one else was feeding. I always feel bad for those animals. There was an ostrich or something there and Ken decided to be brave and feed it. That bird was a really strong pecker. Ken jumped every time the bird went in for some kibble!

We both fed the llama. It grunted. A lot. And really pigged out on my food! It ate almost the whole cup. Arghhh. Set limits, llama! Limits!
And I tried to feed the goats but none of them would come over to me. I tried to get tips from this little girl but she wasn't talkin'.
I love the animals at the fair.
I also love corn dogs, gyros, slushed lemonades, tiger ears, funnel cakes, and cinnamon almonds. All of which I partook of.


Brett and Tiffany said...

We should go to the fair sometime. I haven't been FOREVER!

Lyner said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! That is funny that you like to go to the animals so much!

johnandjana said...

I love to go to the fair but not my hubby. We have been together 1 time since we have been married. I miss the tiger ears. Yum Yum!

Anonymous said...

We forgot to go to the petting zoo!! I was so sad when I remembered as we got home!! Glad you had fun!:)

Karlenn said...

Dude, you are so full of it. You do NOT look like a cow. You are one hot mama. I love the animals, too. I had to drag my sister's family and folks to the animal areas. They're my favorite. Ben loves the animals, too. They are just gorgeous.