Monday, September 21, 2009

Showing Off

Say "no" to Muffin Tops and Cuppy Cakes.

Say "yes" to modest prom wear. (check out that supa-model hair.)

Say "yes" to friends. (if they are making good choices)

Extra, uber, over-the-top thanks to our stake for putting on a spectacularly cheesy fashion show and for Shanny and Aubs for modelling.


Lyner said...

Who is the guy waiting for my sister? He looks like he is waiting down the isle for his bride to come. Aub looks like a babe! I love Shannon's outfit! haha!

Karlenn said...

Oh, that made me laugh so hard - muffin-tops. Awesome. Aubrey is such a good example to the other girls. I love the Young Women and miss being with them.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I love what Shannon modeled! LOL And Aubrey looked so pretty!