Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MRI #2 Harry Potter #7

This morning I went in for my second MRI. This is to test to see if the medication that I have been taking (that has caused endless stinky nights in the bathroom) for the last six months has done anything besides cause running, panicked trips to the bathroom. It was the exact same procedure as last time. Same guy and everything. It still sounded like someone was shooting machine guns at me and I still felt like I was squished into a tiny tube. However. I felt like I was only in there for like 10 minutes! The time flew by. I was still in for 65 minutes... with the intermission for the needle poke and dye to be injected. But, man! It wasn't bad at all! I think this is because I already know there's a tumor in my head. They can't really give me any worse news, right? I mean, seriously. If it's still there... I'm not any worse off. And if it's gone... then upward and onward! So this morning felt more like a relaxing morning off work than a medical procedure. Tomorrow, I should get the results.

This morning I also started Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. How I have waited for this day. I succumbed and have read the entire series again. It so much more insightful the second time around. I really appreciate Ms. Rowling's writing. The series in so intricately tied together... it's genius. My love for Ron Weasley has grown and grown and I am not looking forward to some of his decisions in book seven. But I know I'll love him all the same (and more) after I am done.
Look at that tough guy!
On the second-go-round I noticed that things that bothered me the first time (including whole books) I really enjoyed this time! It just made sense. I didn't like Goblet of Fire the first time... but this time. Wow! What a critical piece of the story! AND I didn't like that Harry and Ginny get together in Half-Blood Prince the first time. But this time.... it was charming. Truly meant to be.
So I am finishing up the series right now with Deathly Hallows. Very much looking forward to it. And I feel like I am finishing up a series in my life with the tumor. Very much looking forward to it. I am ending two chapters in my life simultaneously. It feels really symbolic somehow.


Lyner said...

I see the connection! Thats great Patty that you look at your tumor that way and you are finishing those weird books :) Love ya!

Karlenn said...

"Weird books"??? Jigga What?? More like "The Best Books Ever"!! You know, I have never looked at the book covers spread out like that picture is. They really make much more sense that way. I'm going home tonight and opening them all up to look at the full picture of each jacket. And I didn't know that an MRI sounded like a machine gun shooting you! Do they inject the dye right into your head? Does it hurt? Are you allowed to go to sleep? Sorry so many questions. Please, please let me know the results when you get them.

johnandjana said...

Patty, I hope all is well with the MRI and that chapter in your life is finished. We pray for you and your fam everyday. Have a great day!

Brett and Tiffany said...

You are such a positive example...I KNOW I would hyperventilate in that machine!

Megann said...

You are an amazingly strong person! Your positive attitude makes you an example to all of us. Thanks for being you!