Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blazing into the Unknown

Me and Ken got bruised, scraped, scratched, and tripped last weekend in Wolverine Canyon. Have you been? It's like going to a different country. You do no feel like you are 20 minutes outside of Idaho Falls. Ken talked me into going on a "nice, easy hike" with some of his clients. Bill and Karen hike a lot and I figured if they say it's nice and easy it probably is... because they know what tough is. Uh... I struggled. Maybe if you were Wolverine it would have been nice and easy. But I'm Patty Cake.
We started about 9:30. Going up. Straight up. It is a mile to the top. I was assured that all the steep comes at he beginning. They weren't kidding. There wasn't a trail. There wasn't an easy way up. It was intense. It got my heart pumping and reminded me how good it feels to be alive.

We reached the top and spent awhile looking around. I couldn't help but notice that a trail didn't appear at the top. Sad. We walked along ridges of mountains and I called every one's attention to the fact that this was very Sound of Music.

(Climb Every Mountain!)

The ridges stopped abruptly and there was only one way down. Straight down. Scary, straight, steep, down. Bill and Karen, being pros, practically tip toed down the mountain. I fell, slid, tripped, surfed, careened, laughed down the mountain. I dislodged a rock and knowcked Ken on his rump. It was work. But it was so challenging and different it didn't feel like I was hiking. I didn't feel my thighs burning (until later) or the sweat dripping from my face. It was a blast.

I was at the top of that mountain, there.

We hiked until the cows came home. It was the perfect end to summer.


Karlenn said...

You are a really good sport. No trail? That is pretty intense stuff. It does look very Sound of Music-ey, except the mountains and hills aren't green - they're brown.

Poulsen Family said...

Ha ha Patty Cake. Though I don't agree, it still made me laugh.

Nat said...

I am so very impressed by your hiking skills. I think I would have taken one look at that and turned right back around and sat in the car.

Brett and Tiffany said...

Wow, you are the woman! What more can I say?

johnandjana said...

Way to go to both of you! I like looking at it from the bottom.

weloveadoption said...

I don't know that I could have done it. Bravo!