Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last night I went over to the library to chalk up some volunteer-good-will-to-men time. I am on the board of the Friends of the Library and do so little I'm pretty sure they are going to kick me off any day now. I went with my friend, Heather. She is really a noble person. She volunteers all the time for EVERYTHING! I don't have that gust-o I guess. I'd rather sit on my couch and eat chips and Queso and watch a romantic comedy.
But we went to the library last night. The basement of the library is a book store. And a dungeon. It's kind of dark and drafty and noisy and dusty down there. BUT! They have thousands upon thousands of books that have been donated over the last few centuries. (Some are really old.) The library sells these books for pennies! I mean literally, like a nickel for a books. A dollar at the most. And they are good books. Yes, pre-owned, pre-read whatever. Who gives, right?
And the best part about it is- if you go down and volunteer for an hour or two you get books for free! Free books! Any readers dream. Last night I worked for an hour and a half. I alphabetized books and arranged some of the romance novels. You can do whatever you want down there... no one is telling you it has to be this way. Anyha- I worked for an hour and a half and came home with Cold Mountain, The Joy Luck Club, and 2 books of piano music. Clare, the dungeon keeper, kept pushing me to take more! I didn't because I didn't want to feel too overwhelmed to read. I'm in the middle of a really finny book now anyway- don't want to lose the feel of it.
So, if you want free books let me know- and we'll go down into the dungeon and browse through books for an hour or two and pick out some good ones. Seriously, the work is that easy.


Karlenn said...

How interesting! I might have to go down there with you and help. Ben needs some action books, so he says. What book are you reading right now??

Lyner said...

Sounds like a blast! I would feel a tad bit overwhelmed, but awesome!