Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously. The Truth.

I seriously get sick from reading some of these perfect blogs. They are mostly blogs of people I don't know. Where everything is great. Everyone is happy. Nothing costs too much money. It makes me sick.
So for anyone out there who is also sick of reading these blogs (but still can't stop) this post is for you.

1. I know who my home teachers are and they never come. They avoid me at church. I've lived in my house for 3 and a half years and have been home taught twice.
2. I have a brain tumor that has sent up permanent residence on my pituitary gland. It stops me from having children. The all-powerful medicine that I take to make it go away not only doesn't work- but it makes me have the runs. As in running all the time to the bathroom so I don't have anything running down my legs.
3. My car rattles when I drive it.
4. I work everyday in an office all by myself. I only talk to people who have problems. I rarely get a happy phone call.
5. I weigh 161 pounds. I wear a size 12 pants. I didn't want to go back over 160.
6. Rusty who was given to me as a Christmas present, loves Ken way more than me. Sometimes they tag-team up against me and I can't STAND them!
7. Ken has promised me every year that he will take me back to Pittsburgh. I haven't been since the summer before we got married.
8. My neighbor is also my college math teacher.... awkward. I don't have the guts to go talk to him. It just gets more and more awkward every day.
9. This year we gave up cable, Internet, getting my nails done, getting my hair cut at a salon, and eating out so we could buy groceries.
10. I haven't done laundry in 2 weeks.

Yeah. Don't take this as a downer. This is what life is like, peeps. We all have real lives. Real ones. With problems. And trials. And bad days. Why aren't we sharing THAT life? There are up days and days that seem perfect. And then there is every other day of the year. I'm an every other day of the year person from here on out.


Gramma n Grampa said...

AMEN SISTA.....! I'm right there with ya. Luv Ya

Karlenn said...

Way to keep it real, Pats. I'd rather read real stuff than fluffy, life-is-perfect stuff. I miss you. Write me an e-mail.

Poulsen Family said...

I blogged a "downer" post just six minutes before you posted this. I know what you mean by blogs being more like "brags". Sometimes it's nice to read about reality so you don't feel so overwhelmed by your own!
Your one tough chick and just becoming tougher from life's serious moments.

Megann said...

Love it Patty! Love you too. I meant to talk to ya at the trunk or treat and tell you that your costume was awesome!

Lyner said...

Like Karlenn said, way to keep it real! I love you Patty! Can I call you sometime with no problems :)

johnandjana said...

Patty, I love you and your honesty. There are more days like the ones you are talking about and we all need to dump our junk some days. Thanks for that.